Shawn Johnson Shares New Details About Daughter's Birth, Teases Name Reveal

Shawn Johnson is sharing some new details about her family's expansion via her Instagram page, but she also acknowledges that she knows fans are anxious for more. Shawn and her husband, Andrew East, have teased that the story of Baby East's arrival is a pretty wild one. Now, Johnson's social media followers can get a better sense of what she means by this.

Earlier this week, Shawn and Andrew shared via Instagram that they had welcomed a baby girl to their family. They took a few days to themselves before sharing the news publicly, but they have shared quite a few pictures of their little one since then.

On Thursday afternoon, Johnson took to Instagram to reveal quite a bit about how Baby East finally arrived. Shawn explained that she had been in labor for 22 hours before the baby was born.

After 14 hours of labor, Shawn allowed her doctors to give her an epidural. Another eight or so hours later, the medical team determined that she needed a cesarean section.

Johnson acknowledged that as soon as she held her baby girl in her arms, any guilt or disappointment about the labor and birth process faded away. Shawn praised Andrew and gushed over her daughter, and her fans went crazy over this latest, adorable photo of the East family.

Just an hour after Johnson shared this latest post, nearly 235,000 people had liked it. There were almost 2,500 comments in that short timeframe as well, and Shawn's fans gushed over how amazing the gymnast is and how precious her baby girl appears to be.

"I had a very similar birth experience, I promise you it doesn't matter at all how they got here, it's that they got here safely! Xoxo" commented one of Shawn's fans.

"You're so amazing Mama! You brought a beautiful life into this world," shared another supportive follower.

"I love this message! Birth never goes quite as you plan. But she's perfect," details one more Johnson supporter.

Of course, fans are still quite anxious to learn the baby girl's name. In a quick post via her Instagram stories, Shawn promised that she and Andrew would be revealing the baby girl's name soon. She thanked everybody for being so patient, but it's clear she knows that people are clamoring to learn what Baby East is named.

Fans are delighted to know a bit more about when Baby East was born and how exhausting the journey was is those final steps. It sounds as if Shawn Johnson and Andrew East will be sharing more big details soon and folks cannot wait.