Chelsea Houska Reveals Parenting Tactic Cole DeBoer Does That She Doesn't Agree With

Corrina Jean

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer get along really well on Teen Mom 2, but as the mom-of-three recently revealed on social media, there is one parenting tactic Cole takes that Chelsea doesn't agree with. It seems that in order to get their 2-year-old son to do some things, Cole has been bribing him. Chelsea made the revelation on her Twitter account on Thursday morning.

Sharing a conversation that she had with her husband, Chelsea explained the situation.

"Me (LAST NIGHT)- you have to stop bribing Watson with treats to do everything. Cole (7AM!!!! Overheard on the baby monitor)- 'hey buddy ya gotta get up to take sissy to school..then we can go get a cake pop'"

The tweet had over 11,000 likes and 285 retweets. It sounds like the Teen Mom 2 star's followers could relate.

Chelsea wasn't done, though. She then went on to share a text message exchange, via Twitter, that she and Cole had that morning after she overheard him on the baby monitor.

Writing in all caps, Chelsea texted her husband, "I SAID NO MORE BRIBING WITH TREEEEEEAAATTTTSSSSE!"

Knowing he had been caught, Cole replied, "hahahahaha," and then, "sh*t."

Chelsea's tweet showing the texts between her and her husband had over 6,500 likes on Twitter. A lot of her followers chimed in on the post and explained they have experienced something similar. Another follower was happy to find out they weren't the only parents who used bribery with their kids. Others loved Cole's reaction to getting caught still bribing their son with treats after Chelsea told him not to. Although there were plenty of comments from her followers, Chelsea didn't directly reply to any.

Prior to Halloween, Chelsea shared her own parenting concerns over costumes. It seems that she was having trouble finding an age-appropriate Halloween costume for her oldest daughter, 10-year-old Aubree.

"I feel like Halloween costumes go from cheesy little kid right into 'sexy' everything making it hard to find a good tween costume for Aubree," Chelsea explained.

She eventually revealed that her oldest daughter dressed as a mermaid for Halloween, sharing a photo of her kids on Instagram.

From not bribing her kids with treats to choosing appropriate Halloween costumes, Chelsea Houska definitely seems to work hard at being a good parent.