Amber Portwood Reportedly Claims Andrew Glennon Has Denied Her Parenting Time, Files Bombshell Lawsuit

Amber Portwood is seeking legal action against her ex, Andrew Glennon, after alleging that he is not living up to his end of their custody agreement.

According to a new report from Radar Online, Portwood is demanding that Glennon be held in contempt of the court after he has been denying her scheduled visits with their 1-year-old son, James. The outlet shares that the Teen Mom OG star filed a "Verified Motion for Rule to Show Cause" with the Marion Circuit Court yesterday. In the new court papers, Amber alleges that Andrew has been violating their mediation agreement since October 22, failing to coordinate visits for her to see their son.

"On October 23, 2019, the undersigned counsel contacted counsel for Father requesting to confirm times for parenting time exchanges and no response was provided," the court papers allege, continuing to state that this specifically violates their agreement.

The papers also report that Amber was supposed to have holiday visiting time with her son on Halloween but Glennon again failed to communicate with the reality star, causing her to miss the visit.

Initially, the reality TV couple had agreed that Amber would get to see James at least three times a week for scheduled visits, but he has not been living up to his end of the bargain, the court papers read. To back up her claims, Portwood also provided the court with a screenshot of her account on the "Our Family Wizard app," showing that Glennon had not opened any messages from her nor had he sent any sort of communication since October 23. The couple's original agreement included a "no contact order" and due to this, the couple has been forced to use the app to communicate with one another to schedule visits.

The scheduling issue was not the only claim that Portwood listed in the newly filed court documents. In another section of the papers, Amber also made claims that her ex violated a section of the "Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines," which states that both parties cannot speak negatively about one another in front of their child.

Amber claimed that Glennon violated the terms and talked negatively about her in a YouTube video that was posted by him around Halloween. When he "released this statement to be publicly broadcast on YouTube, in Which Father made negative statements about Mother. Father's actions in releasing, or allowing the release of, videos and statements to be publicly broadcast online is violation," she claimed, per Radar Online.

Due to the violations that she lists in her motion, Amber and her attorneys are requesting the Glennon be held in contempt of the court to provide an explanation as to why he has been denying her the scheduled visits. The Teen Mom OG star also wants Glennon to be responsible for any legal fees. She also wants back the time she was supposed to spend with baby James but never got.

Last week, The Inquisitr shared details from the famous couple's plea deal, where Amber will not face jail but instead will be on probation. During this time, Portwood will have to submit "urine and breath testing" at least once a month, and she will also have to complete "court-ordered parenting classes" as part of the deal.