‘BioShock Infinite’ Releases ‘False Shepherd’ Trailer [Video]

BioShock Infinite is releasing in just 11 days a and the game developer has released yet another new trailer to wet everyone’s appetite. Following on the heels of the “Lamb of Columbia” trailer, this new video goes a long way towards showing some of the whacky and straight up weird weapons that Booker DeWitt will use in the upcoming title.

The trailer also continues to show more of the story about how DeWitt will be brought into some sort of battle to either free, or capture a girl that is sought after by a shady group of DeWitt’s enemies. The new video explains yet again that DeWitt owes quite a bit of money to some bad people.

In order to get rid of his debt he must bring them a girl that appears to possess some incredible powers. Along the way, the trailer shows some of the regular sized enemies you will be taking on.

BioShock Infinite‘s “False Shepherd” trailer also shows a couple of super-sized enemies that will have to be defeated including some sort of giant Steampunk cyborg. This of course is one of game’s most well loved antagonists, the Handyman.

The trailer also gives us a better look at the powers that “the girl” named Elizabeth can do. It looks like her powers could actually help Booker DeWitt get through the game alive.

The final big reveal in this video is that at one point, the gamer can have DeWitt drink some sort of glowing liquid that seems to begin to change the main character into something else entirely.


We apparently won’t get to see exactly what the potion does until we actually play the game.

Check out the new BioShock Infinite False Shepherd trailer below and get psyched up for the game’s eventual release on March 26th.