Brunette Bombshell Niece Waidhofer Flaunts Her Derrière In Cheeky Bedroom Selfie

Instagram hottie Niece Waidhofer gave her 1 million Instagram followers something to drool over with her latest post as she lay on her bed while giving them a nice view of her derrière.

The snap showed Niece posing on her side while taking a photo of herself in a mirror on the wall opposite her bed. Her bedroom was decorated with silver panels on the wall over her small white headboard. Niece's small dog sat among a pile of pillows near the beauty as she took the snap.

Niece sported a pair of cheeky black panties with a brown T-shirt. The underwear featured a mesh design at the top that drew attention to her booty. She lifted her shirt to show off the small of her back while leaning on one elbow and holding her camera up to get a good angle for the shot. Niece also put her toned legs and cleavage on display as she turned to take the photo.

Niece wore a face full of makeup that included sculpted brows, dark eye shadow, and thick lashes. She wore her dark hair down as she gave the camera a sultry look.

As she is known to do, Niece cracked a joke in the caption. She included a bit about her dog pooping on her new fuzzy blanket. Most of her followers didn't seem to care about the blanket and focused more on the stunner's assets.

Many of the comments were not safe for work, but some of Niece's followers kept their remarks clean and stated how sexy they thought she was.

"Without a doubt the hottest girl on the internet," wrote one admirer.

"You are one amazing specimen of a female human!" said a second fan.

"You are just an absolute beauty," commented a third fan.

"That rear is a work of art," a fourth admirer said.

Most of Niece's fans love her rear view shots, and she certainly gives them plenty to get excited about. Her Instagram page is filled with shots that showcase her enviable figure. The beauty seems to enjoy experimenting with different angles and using mirrors to take intriguing photos. Earlier this week, she posed in a skimpy black lingerie set that left little to the imagination. Her fans can always count on her posts to be sexy and funny. Her clever captions do a lot to keep her fans interested, but her photos always keep them coming back for more.