Olivia Culpo Stuns In Green Bikini After 'Scaling The Side Of A Small Building'

Olivia Culpo posed for one last batch of bikini photos before leaving Bali, where she's been busy posing for her Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition pictorial. On Thursday, she shared a few bikini photos with her Instagram fans, and the snaps provided a behind-the-scenes look at what Olivia went through to find the perfect light for her pictures. It involved a balancing act on a tiny ledge with a plate of food in one hand.

Olivia has proven that she's a pro at posing for gorgeous photos, but the 27-year-old model's latest Instagram post also proves that snapping the perfect bikini picture isn't always easy. It's a slideshow of five photos, the first of which is a typical swimsuit snapshot. Olivia is wearing a pastel green bikini with a structured top and bottoms with thick ties on the sides. They sit up high on her hips, while the front of the bottoms dip down low. She's also accessorizing her stylish beach look with a gold body chain.

The former Miss Universe is posing on a shady veranda with a stunning seaside view behind her that includes palm trees and gently rolling ocean waves. Olivia is standing on her tiptoes to elongate her slender legs, and she's holding a plate of food in one hand.

In the second slideshow photo, Olivia is posing between two glass sliding doors that open to a sparkling shallow pool. She still has the plate in her hand.

In the caption of her post, Olivia Culpo revealed that her latest photo shoot, which took place at the Soori Bali resort hotel, included a treacherous quest to find the perfect light. She wrote that she had to scale "the side of a small building," and her photos provide a visual of what she's referencing.

There's a small ledge outside the sliding doors, and she's carefully trying to walk along it as she balances the plate in her hand. A slip or misstep could have sent her or the plate tumbling into the pool. However, she managed to make it to her final posing place, which was the corner of the ledge beside the wall of the building. She gave the camera a huge smile as she leaned against the wall.

Olivia Culpo didn't reveal whether she was still taking photos for her SI photo spread, or if she was taking advantage of the shoot's exotic location by snapping a few stunning pictures of her own. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the official Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition Instagram page has shared a few behind-the-scenes photos from Olivia's shoots, and they've all been on the beach.