'CNN' Fact-Checker Says Donald Trump Was Saying 'False Things' At Rally Faster Than He Could Keep Up

CNN's fact-checker Daniel Dale covers Donald Trump's rallies, tweeting corrections and comments as the president speaks to his audience. During Trump's recent rally in Louisiana on Wednesday night, Dale said that the president was making so many statements worth commenting on that he couldn't keep up.

"He is saying false/misleading/bizarre things in rapid succession, faster than I can type," Dale wrote, according to HuffPost.

For instance, Trump spoke about the Ukraine scandal and the subsequent impeachment inquiry into the situation, opened by House Democrats. Dale tweeted that the president's comments were baseless at one point.

"Trump is railing against the whistleblower, baselessly claiming the whistleblower 'disappeared' as soon as he released the rough transcript. 'A perfect phone call. A totally perfect phone call.' He says 'anybody that can read...' He doesn't finish the sentence," Dale wrote in quick succession.

Just one minute later, Dale tweeted that Trump claimed the whistleblower's source doesn't exist, adding that the comment "makes no sense."

It's at this point that the CNN reporter says that he can't keep up with Trump's statements, followed one minute later by a change of topic: chain migration.

"Trump is criticizing chain migration, hyperbolically/wrongly saying that it allows you to bring in 'everybody you ever met in the history of the world' and 'any person that ever met you.' He invokes the 'maniac' who perpetrated the West Side Highway attack," Dale wrote.

Minutes later, Dale went on to correct a statement from the president about Adam Schiff, in which the president claimed that Schiff only spoke about the Ukraine call with a committee because he didn't believe that Trump would release a copy of the transcript of the call. As the reporter points out, Schiff actually spoke the day after the transcript was released.

Thirty minutes and multiple tweets later, Dale is correcting another statement made by the president. During his speech, Trump claimed the tariffs were benefiting Americans to the tune of "billions and billions of dollars" after never making any money off China.

Dale points out that this isn't accurate and that Americans are paying for the tariffs. Five minutes later, he corrected a statement the president made about always fighting to protect patients with preexisting conditions. Earlier this year, Republicans attempted to pass a bill that the president supported that would have weakened coverage for preexisting conditions, according to PolitiFact.

Trump's supporters, including Fox News, have stated that the president has never lied, as The Inquisitr previously reported — an assertion that critics push back on.