November 7, 2019
Model Pamela Alexandra Flaunts Revealing Outfit, But Needs Fans To Help Her Figure Out If It's Lingerie Or Not

Pamela Alexandra is rocking a very revealing black lace outfit in her latest Instagram post, but needs a bit of help from fans to figure out if it qualifies as lingerie.

The curvy model shared a series of Instagram pictures of herself wearing the tight outfit, which consisted of a black bra on top and a kind of underwear/shorts combination on bottom. The model struck a sultry pose as she leaned over the sink in what appeared to be lingerie.

But Pamela herself couldn't decide what the outfit would qualify as, and asked her fans for help. In a subsequent Instagram video, she asked followers if they thought the outfit would be considered lingerie. The reactions were mixed.

"Close enough," one person replied.

"Anything you put on is lingerie," another answered in a less-than-helpful response to her question.

Plenty more said that they believed the outfit did qualify as lingerie, but a few disagreed.

"Nope... I'd wear this to go out," one person wrote, adding a laugh/crying emoji.

Another offered that the outfit might not feel so great in the summertime, implying that it covered up a bit too much to be lingerie.

While it was not clear if the outfit would be strictly considered lingerie as the bottom was a bit unconventional and the bra larger than normally seen in lingerie, it certainly seemed too revealing (and impractical) to be worn as an outfit in everyday, outside-the-bedroom usage.

The post was part of Pamela's ongoing promotional deal with Fashion Nova Curve, the online fashion company's line for curvier women. Pamela has frequently shared pictures of herself wearing clothing and lingerie for the line, showing off her ample curves to help the company reach a niche audience.

Pamela seems an especially strong fit as a face of the brand, as she has been open about her unconventional modeling physique and is proud of her curvier look. She puts a lot of work into maintaining her body, sharing a post earlier this year telling fans that she had a new dedication to the gym to stay fit.

As the recent post asking for advice on her lingerie showed, Pamela has also forged a strong connection to her 2.7 million Instagram followers by frequent interactions with them. The model regularly shares pictures and video where she poses questions or asks for advice from followers, prompting plenty of responses and helping the posts get even more viral attention.