November 7, 2019
WWE News: Brand-New Superstar Pulled From Match Without Explanation

It took one very short match in WWE for the company to realize that their latest big signing won't be back in the ring for them for quite a while. At WWE Crown Jewel on Halloween, Brock Lesnar got his win back from his UFC days against Cain Velasquez, but the rubber match between the two won't happen for quite a while. Velasquez could be out of action for some time, and he was even pulled from a big upcoming match in Mexico.

When Velasquez showed up on Friday Night SmackDown, the world wasn't quite sure what to think. The former UFC star was now a WWE superstar and Cain Velasquez had his sights set on an old enemy in the form of Brock Lesnar.

Quickly, WWE set up a match between the two superstars in Saudi Arabia for this year's Crown Jewel event, and it was a highly anticipated bout. Unfortunately, fans were rather let down by the whole thing as it lasted only a few minutes before Lesnar caught Velasquez in a submission hold and made him tap out.

Some reports going around state the reason the match was so short is that the damage to Velasquez's knee is worse than originally thought. While that hasn't yet been confirmed by him or WWE, this latest move appears to solidify that idea.

Cain Velasquez and Rey Mysterio head to the ring.

According to Ringside News, Velasquez has been pulled from a big WWE Live Event taking place in Mexico on November 30. That event may be more than three weeks away, but it has already been determined that he will not be able to wrestle as scheduled.

The former MMA star is still scheduled to appear at the event, which is huge for WWE as he's big in that country. WWE was promoting his appearance in Mexico as a team-up with Rey Mysterio for a tag team match, but their opponents had not yet been named.

Now, he is simply being billed as appearing and won't be wrestling.

Velasquez's knee issues are probably much worse than expected and that is likely why his match against Lesnar was so very short. Not only had he been receiving treatment and wearing a brace, but he had surgery to repair his knee not too long ago.

It now appears obvious that the injury to Cain Velasquez is not nearly as simple as WWE may have originally hoped. They built him up in huge fashion, and he came out and lost quickly to Brock Lesnar, but a short match was the plan the whole time. Now, it isn't even known when the former UFC star may end up getting back in the ring again as it certainly won't be in Mexico.