Todd Chrisley's Leg Injury Was A 'Blessing' For Nanny Faye

The Chrisley Knows Best official Instagram page shared a video that featured Nanny Faye wishing she could take her son's leg pain away during his therapy session and admitting she was partly blessed because of the injury.

The video kicked off featuring Todd Chrisley resting on his stomach with his knees bent and his feet up in the air behind him. He had his hands pressed together and pushed toward his mouth as a combination of pain and fear washed over his face. His physical therapist could be heard discussing a "pocket of swelling" in his foot as he worked on flexing and massaging Todd's foot.

"Mommy, it hurts," Todd whined as the therapist continued the session.

"I know it. I wish I could take that pain away," Faye added before speaking to Julie, who was sitting in the chair beside her, about how happy she was that she decided to tag along for the therapy session this morning. Faye admitted that she thought it was good for her to see how "important" the therapy session was for her son.

"Right, me and you, we gotta tag team to keep him on the straight and narrow," Julie chimed in.

Faye agreed before the video transitioned to a diary session with Julie and Todd sitting on the couch talking to the camera. Julie explained that she was relieved the family was "on the same page" with her husband's physical therapy. She added that it did take a while for the entire family to get to this point.

Todd seized an opportunity to work some of his charming humor into the conversation as he jested about when Julie would "get on the same page" about providing him with a massage every night to help with the healing of his leg.

Julie added, "Oh, that page was torn outta the book."

The video transitioned back to the therapy session as Faye apologized to Julie for "sticking her nose" in Julie and Todd's business. She then proceeded to explain how she enjoyed taking her son on adventures to "make him feel better" when he was a lot younger.

Faye continued to explain that it had been a while since she'd gotten to spend any real time with her son "because he's always in a hurry."

"I got to spend a lotta time with him since he's broke his leg. It just makes your heart just grow fonder."
Julie took her own turn at adding humor to the conversation as she reassured Faye that she knew how much they loved each other. She then joked about how much of a "blessing" that love was considering how old her husband was getting. Todd could be heard in the background taking issue with the women discussing his age.According to the caption of the video clip, many viewers of the show seem to really enjoy the quality time Faye and Todd have been spending together as he recovers. With the show's followers on Instagram liking the video over 10,000 times, many took to the comments to send well wishes and prayers to Todd. Others noted how much they loved Faye and how jealous they were that Todd had such a special woman in his life.