Daisy Marquez Goes Topless In New Monochromatic Snapshot On Instagram

Famous makeup artist and social media sensation Daisy Marquez took to her Instagram page and dropped a topless picture of herself to tease her fans.

In the snap, the hottie could be seen wearing a pair of baggy pants that she teamed with high-heeled booties to make a style statement.

The stunner wore no top or bra at all to pull off a very sexy look. However, knowing that full-on nudity is prohibited on Instagram and violation could lead to the permanent suspension of one’s account, Daisy decided not to take any risks. As a result, she censored herself by letting her tresses cascade over her breasts.

Nonetheless, Daisy flashed a glimpse of her perky assets to titillate her fans. She wore a full face of makeup to stay true to her signature style. However, owing to the monochromatic nature of the picture, it couldn’t be ascertained as to which colors she chose for the makeup on her beautiful face.

To pose for the snap, Daisy sat on the floor, slightly puckered her plump lips, and looked straight into the camera.

In the caption, the makeup guru informed her fans that she has been feeling very black and white lately, adding that she is certain that something good will happen to her soon.


She, however, did not provide further details about her current mood, leaving her fans confused and worried, as seen in the comments section.

Within four hours of going live, the picture has garnered more than 146,000 likes and about 900 comments which shows that Daisy is very popular on the photo-sharing website and anything she posts has a high chance of going viral.

Apart from her regular fans and followers, the snap was also liked by many of Daisy’s fellow influencers, celebrities and models. These included, but are not limited to, Ana Lorde, Amra Olević Reyes, Louie Casttro, Christen Dominique, Amanda Diaz and Cole Carrigan, among others.

“Love you Daisy, I wish you the best in everything you do,” one of her fans commented on the snap.

“Yes girl something good is coming your way! I LOVE YOUUU!” another one chimed in.

“You’re literally my role model,” a third commentator wrote.

Meanwhile, a fourth female follower jokingly wrote that she is jealous of Daisy’s beauty.

“How can someone literally be this pretty?!! I’M JEALOUS! [heart emoji].”

The remaining fans wrote words and phrases like “goddess,” “very sexy,” and “the hottest of all” to praise the gorgeous woman.