Ayesha Curry Plays 'Baby Shark' On Piano With Her Youngest Child, Canon, In Heartwarming New Video

Ayesha Curry took to Instagram on Wednesday night to share a heartwarming glimpse at mommy-son time with her youngest child, Canon. In the video, Ayesha is sitting at a piano with Canon on her lap. She starts playing the notes to "Baby Shark," with one hand and when Canon recognizes the melody, he immediately smiles and starts waving his hands excitedly.

"Never thought I'd want to revive this song in my home," Ayesha quips in the caption.

The video garnered over 450,000 views and 1,800-plus comments in the first hour after it was posted. In the comments section, Ayesha's followers gushed over Canon and one of those comments came from his dad Steph Curry.

"My young wolf!" he wrote.

Others seemed unable to get enough of Canon's excitement at hearing what seems to be a favorite song of his.

"I love how he looks at you first then starts dancing," one fan wrote.

"Aww just proves how smart babies are," another added before including a heart-eye emoji to their comment.

It also seems that the video may have stirred up some baby fever in at least one of the commenters.

"Omg my ovaries," they wrote.

This is hardly the first time that Canon has triggered this type of praise from his mother's Instagram followers. In a previous video, he's sitting outside on a lawn and saying the word "Bye" which shows off his adorably toothy smile.

"I asked Canon what you say to all the haters. He gets it from his daddy, she wrote. I love my boyssss!!!!" Ayesha wrote in the caption of the post.

The clip has been viewed approximately 2 million times on Instagram.

In another cute Instagram post, Canon is modeling a pair of blue skinny jeans and a patterned pink shirt. In the caption, his mother hinted that he was not involved in picking his outfit, though.

The photo currently has over 620,000 likes and 7,500-plus comments.

In the comments section of her most recent post, some fans also expressed surprise that Ayesha knows how to play the piano.

Ayesha might be well known for being a mom and cookbook author but it looks like she also used to be a piano teacher. A CNBC article refers to her as such in passing when they reported on her and Steph playing the piano together during his 2016 promotional tour of China for Under Armor.

Based on the aforementioned Instagram post, it seems that piano playing is now something she does to entertain her kids, specifically Canon. Fortunately, it's clear that he gets a kick out of it, at least when she's playing "Baby Shark."