Jennifer Garner Keeps It Real With Makeup-Free Morning Bus Stop Snap

Actress Jennifer Garner recently got real with her 7.6 million Instagram followers by sharing a candid snap of herself taken during the early morning bus drop off by her house.

In the picture, Garner looked absolutely stunning wearing no makeup at all. Her brunette locks were slicked back away from her face and appeared to be slightly damp. She had on a navy blue robe with her initials, "JG," emblazoned on the breast. The robe looked to be crafted of comfortable material and was belted to ensure that no one got a peek at more than Garner was willing to show. The robe was modest, with the neckline covering up her curves and the hem going all the way to her knees.

Garner paired the robe with some tan slippers that didn't appear to be the type of footwear most people would rock outside of the home. Garner had two other important accessories with her — her phone in one hand, and a big mug in the other hand filled with what may very well have been her morning cup of coffee.

Garner flashed a smile at the camera as she posed on one of several flat stones that made up an eye-catching walkway. Lush green bushes were visible behind her, as was what appeared to be a driveway. The brunette beauty gave her followers a bit of an explanation in the caption of the post when she revealed that the peculiar outfit she rocked in the Instagram update came from her dropping her daughter off at the bus stop.

Based on Garner's comment, it seems that the family had been running a bit late, and Garner opted to prioritize her child getting to school rather than getting fully dressed for the drop-off. She took it all in stride, flashing a smile despite her less than glamorous appearance, and her followers absolutely loved the glimpse into her real life.

The post received over 264,000 likes within just three hours, including a like from Jersey Shore star Lauren Sorrentino. Many of Garner's fans took to the comments section to share how much they loved her candid snap — as did quite a few celebrities.

"Incredible," actress Candace Cameron Bure said in regards to the snap, followed by a praise hands emoji and a 100 emoji.

Actress Jessica Capshaw, who many fans know from her time on Grey's Anatomy, commented, "I literally can't see a thing other than your beautiful smile."

"Just reason 1000x why I love you," one follower commented.

"Imaging dropping your kid off to the bus and Jennifer Gardner is just chilling - what an icon," another fan commented, misspelling Garner's name but conveying what many others were probably thinking.

Garner is never afraid to get candid about herself, or the industry as a whole. As The Inquisitr reported just a few months ago, Garner discussed the evolution her career has gone through, and the roles she's offered now in comparison to the "hot girl" roles she received when she was first starting out.