Bella Thorne Flaunts Flat Tummy With Lower Body Challenge

Bella Thorne is showing off her toned stomach with a special shout out to the Flat Tummy app. In her most recent Instagram post and story, the actress is shown committing to the lower body challenge.

Thorne is pictured lying on the ground with her feet firmly planted shoulder-width apart. Her back is raised, supported by her arms. Clad in a black sports bra, she isn't shy about revealing a vast expanse of her taut stomach. She also wears tight-fitting pants that accentuate her assets. She accessorizes with a fair amount of bling, including a watch, bracelets, rings, and several necklaces. A pair of blue and grey Nike sneakers complete her workout look.

The workout she's doing requires no equipment. However, it does appear that she has a grey resistance band around her thighs.

In the photo caption for the advertisement post, Thorne praises the app for helping her stay on track with exercise. She also states it has home workouts, meal plans, and ways to track progress. According to her, fans who want to follow in her footsteps can now receive a free seven-day trial for the Flat Tummy lifestyle app.

This isn't the first time Thorne has shown off the physical results of her exercise. The Inquisitr previously reported on the actress's sexy girl scout Halloween costume. It shows even more of her belly than the picture she posted to Instagram today.

One of her fans seemed happy that the actress was promoting a fit lifestyle, commenting, "Bless you for promoting exercise and not that f*cking detox tea."

Another user was impressed with her ability to look great even while lying down. "Bella how do u still look good in this angle," they wondered.

"You are looking fit Bella! Hope your app helps a lot of people," a follower proclaimed, along with several smiley face and workout emoji.

However, some of Thorne's fans were more skeptical about her supposed workout regime, stating, "Bella..... girl I love you so much but let's be real you don't workout???? atleast you don't post about it if you do."

"I love your authenticity Bella but I'm very disappointed with this," someone else remarked.

It's not too surprising that someone as busy and active as Thorne would need fitness assistance from an app to stay on track. She already has several projects in the works, and a new Deadline article states The Babysitter actress will soon direct a new "secret thriller project." Thorne also posted the announcement on social media two days ago.