John Stamos 'Likes' Twitter Post About Lori Loughlin Going To Jail In Apparent Mix-Up

John Stamos appeared to throw some shade at his former on-screen wife, but the dig may not have been intentional.

As the Daily Mail noted, the actor "liked" a Twitter post this week that praised his performance in The Little Mermaid Live but also threw a dig at his embattled former Full House co-star, Lori Loughlin. The post, from radio personality Gunz, said: "Aunt Becky's going to jail but @JohnStamos is BACK and crushing it on #LittleMermaidLive."

As the report noted, there's no indication that Stamos meant to comment on his former co-star's legal troubles rather than just appreciating a fan who offered some praise for his live performance. The Daily Mail noted that Stamos "liked" several other posts that commented on his performance in the live television special, though he "unliked" the one that had mentioned Loughlin, as a source said that he didn't mean to promote the dig at her.

But that was not before Gunz caught the like, posting another screenshot noting that Stamos appeared to be throwing some shade at Loughlin. It attracted some viral attention and speculation that the co-stars may have had a falling out.

Loughlin faces an impending trial for her role in the college admissions scandal, over allegations that she and husband, Mossimo Giannulli, paid $500,000 for their daughters to be admitted to the University of Southern California by falsifying records that claimed the two competed on their high school crew teams.

It would have seemed out of place for Stamos to take a dig at his former co-star and her legal troubles, as he has been supportive of her in the past. A previous report from The Inquisitr noted that Stamos and other cast members from the Fuller House reboot were standing by Loughlin and still considered her family.

Stamos has actually considered Loughlin to be more than family, saying in past interviews that the two who played husband and wife onscreen had a real love connection in real life, though they were never able to get the timing down for a real relationship.

"And we actually did date, we went on a date to Disneyland before we were both married. In real life, when we were 18, 19," Stamos said. "We did have some off timing, but no disrespect to her family and her husband now, I would say that she could be the one that got away."

John Stamos has not commented on the Twitter post he "liked" mentioning Loughlin going to jail, but all signs point to an unintentional click from the actor.