November 6, 2019
Model Anastasiya Kvitko Shows How She Earned Nickname 'Russian Kim Kardashian' In Racy New Bikini Video

Model Anastasiya Kvitko showed in her latest racy Instagram video how she earned the nickname "Russian Kim Kardashian."

The curvy model posted an Instagram video of herself rocking a revealing blue bikini as she walked on a beach and took some sips from a Bang Energy drink can. The clip showed Anastasiya taking on a sultry look into the camera as she held the can, kneeling on the beach's white sand and walking in slow motion to show off all of her curves.

The video was a huge hit with Anastasiya's fans, garnering more than 50,000 likes in just an hour and attracting scores of compliments from her followers.

"Wow amazing video, your body is awesome baby," one person wrote, accentuating the message with a series of fire emoji.

"GORGEOUS," another added.

The video is one of a number of promotions that Anastasiya has done for Bang Energy, the fitness energy drink that often taps Instagram models to promote its product. She posted an equally racy Instagram video last week showing off her body in a green cutout thong swimsuit. Like the video posted on Wednesday, the last one also showed her walking in slow motion, showing off her killer curves.

While it's not clear how much money Anastasiya is making from these promotional videos, it's likely a very nice income. Social media experts say that Instagram models generally make $1,000 for every 100,000 followers they have --- and that's on a per-post basis. So Kvitko, with her 10 million followers, has the potential to earn six-figures from her promotional deals using her body to show off Bang Energy as well as some top fashion and swimwear brands.

It's that body that has helped the Russian model earn comparisons to American reality television star and the OG of racy Instagram shots, Kim Kardashian. But it almost kept Anastasiya out of the modeling world entirely. As The Sun reported, the western Russian model was once told she was "too fat" to be a traditional model, but decided instead to embrace her 38-35-42 figure and launch her own career on Instagram.

Anastasiya pushed back against this and has now become one of the top international models on Instagram, regularly gaining viral interest for her pictures and earning the attention of celebrity news websites. And as the reaction to her racy video posted this week shows, Anastasiya's fans seem to be quite happy with her decision to keep the curves.