Shawn Johnson & Andrew East Share New Glimpses Of Baby Girl, But They Aren’t Revealing Her Name Quite Yet

Gymnastics champion Shawn Johnson and her husband Andrew East are sharing new tidbits about their baby girl via their Instagram pages. After a few days of silence, Shawn and Andrew revealed that their daughter had arrived and these latest social media updates show that the family seems to be blissfully content right now.

Earlier this week, Shawn and Andrew confirmed what many fans had suspected: they welcomed a baby girl a few days ago. Johnson and East shared a handful of photos of their new darling, but they held back on revealing her name or anything else in the way of details.

On Tuesday, the couple detailed via Instagram that they were launching a podcast, a project they had been working on for quite some time. They released a short introduction and teased that the first full podcast of Couple Things would include the full birth story of their newborn daughter.

While Andrew and Shawn didn’t say so explicitly, it sounds as if perhaps that first full podcast episode might reveal their baby’s name as well. So far, Johnson and East have been quite careful not to share this essential detail and holding it for this debut episode would be a great way to draw in listeners.

The family’s fans are very anxious to learn the name they chose for their little one, but in the meantime, they seem pretty excited to get some new glimpses of Baby East.

On Wednesday afternoon, Johnson shared an adorable snapshot of the family together, seemingly quite soon after the baby’s birth. The newborn is “giving” her dad a “high five” as Shawn snuggles her.

The Olympic gymnastics champion is wearing her hospital bracelet and appears to have an IV hooked up in this sweet family picture. If there was any worry or drama during the little one’s delivery, it looks as if that had subsided by the time this photograph was taken.

East’s latest Instagram post features a very short video clip that shows him at home with his baby sleeping on his bare chest. As baby sleeps and Andrew smiles, fans can see Shawn snoozing while snuggled up in a sweatshirt and curled up on her husband’s shoulder.

“I might die of cuteness overload,” shared one of East’s followers, who also added a lengthy string of smiling emoji.

“Looks like your eyes. Beautiful family to cherish forever” noted another of Andrew’s fans.

“Some babies look like aliens when they’re newborns but yours is actually cute,” acknowledged one honest follower.

Quite a few fans on both Shawn and Andrew’s posts mentioned how excited they were to learn Baby East’s name. It seems likely that Johnson and East will share this big news soon and people are anxious to hear all the details of the little one’s arrival.