Donny Osmond Is Reunited With His Orange Sweater In Full-Circle Moment With Superfan

Donny Osmond had a reunion with a superfan, as well as a special sweater from his past. The Donny & Marie star met a fan at a meet and greet following his recent residency show at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and she surprised him by wearing a sweater that he wore years ago on the cover of his memoir.

Osmond posted a series of photos to Instagram which showed him reuniting with a fan named Ellen after his show. The fan was wearing an orange sweater, and in the caption to the pics, the "Puppy Love" singer said she asked him if he recognized it. When Osmond said he didn't, the fan reminded him it was the sweater he wore on the cover of his 2005 autobiography, Life Is Just What You Make It.

Osmond went on to say the fan had purchased the sweater for charity – and she had the photos to prove it. Osmond's post included photos of him posing with the fan today, as well as throwbacks from the day of the charity sale in which he also posed with Ellen. The singer also included a photo of the cover to his book where he can be seen wearing the sweater nearly 15 years ago. In his caption, Osmond joked that he wanted his sweater back.

The 61-year-old singer, who is set to wrap his Vegas residency with his sister Marie next week, received thousands of likes on his post, as well as a number of fan comments.

"That is hilarious! Full circle creamsicle sweater. Say THAT 5 times fast! Hahaha," wrote his cousin David Osmond.

"Oh my gosh get out! You look so sad handing it to her. I love this post," added another follower.

"She fills it out a little differently," one fan joked of Osmond's female superfan.

"You really do have the greatest fans Donny!! They love you in ways you never know!! That's Awesome!! Doesn't get better than that, and it was for charity too!!! Wow!!" another chimed in.

Donny and Marie Osmond do seem to have thoughtful fans. The news about Donny's reunion with his sweater – and with that sweet fan—comes after Marie was given a special gift by a fan at a concert in late September.

Marie's fan came to a Vegas meet and greet and shared with her some vintage Butterick magazines from the 1970s that had the singer on the cover. The fan told Marie she thought that her copies of the magazines had most likely been burned in the house fire that swept through her California home in 2005. They had been, so this was a reunion for Marie as well.