Thursday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Cassandra's Anxious As Nikolas' Plan Moves Forward

Cassandra Pierce thinks that she's just a step away from regaining her freedom, but General Hospital spoilers tease that this may not go as she is hoping. She pressured Nikolas Cassadine to get her out of Pentonville, and he seems ready to move forward in dealing with her. Teasers suggest that Thursday's episode will show how successful this effort will be.

Viewers watched during Wednesday's show as Cassandra called Nikolas and threatened to expose him if he didn't break her out of Pentonville. She not only can drop the bombshell that he's actually still alive, but she can also reveal his connections to her and, expose him for kidnapping Hamilton Finn and Anna Devane last year.

Cassandra has Nikolas in a tough spot here, so General Hospital spoilers hint that he will implement a plan. However, fans have to wonder if this may not be quite the plan Cassandra expects. Does Nik want her freed from Pentonville, or could he be looking to carry out the type of plan Peter August had in mind in trying to get rid of Shiloh Archer?

It appears that Nik has a connection at Pentonville who can help him handle whatever he wants done next. In setting up this next step, Nik's connections will have Cassandra and Sam McCall in a group working at the park to make it easier to get access to Pierce.

The sneak peek for Thursday's show reveals that Nikolas will have a discussion with Jasper Jacks that might get a bit intense. General Hospital spoilers detail that Nik will insist that it's virtually impossible to expect that anybody would recognize him.

It's not clear yet what this conversation is about, but Nik surely isn't headed to the park to get Cassandra himself. However, it does seem likely that this conversation is somehow connected to that call that Nik got from Pentonville.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Cassandra will be feeling very anxious during the next episode. This is understandable since she is anticipating that someone will be breaking her free, but she isn't privy to who will be involved or how it will happen.

General Hospital spoilers also note that Sam will be contemplating some questions. Soap Central shares that this week, Jason and Sam will be curious about something, and Jason will soon receive a chilling phone call.

It seems quite likely that this all relates to Cassandra now that she and Sam are cellmates. Things could get interesting if Sam and Jason realize that Cassandra is connected to a mystery benefactor of some sort, but there's no way that they could quickly piece all of these loose ends together yet.

What is the end game here with Cassandra, and how long will it take for Nikolas' presence in Port Charles to become known to others? General Hospital spoilers tease that Carly Corinthos may discover Nik at Jax's place next week, and it seems there are interesting interactions involving Jason, Jax, and Valentin in the days ahead.