November 6, 2019
Sara Underwood Skateboards In A Thong Bikini & Shares Oahu Vacation Pics On Instagram

Sara Underwood took to Instagram Wednesday to show her followers why she loved being in Oahu, Hawaii, and one of those reasons appeared to be skateboarding -- while wearing a bikini.

Sara's multi-photo update included snaps from her time on the tropical island that showed her enjoying all kinds of fun, from taking hikes to simply enjoying the scenery.

One of the more adventurous snaps showed Sara skateboarding on the open road while in a thong two-piece bathing suit. Taken from behind, the photo captured the beauty barefoot as she coasted on a road that had a perfect view of the area's mountains as well as the ocean. The shot put her fabulous body on display as she headed into a curve with the wind catching her hair.

Another photo showed Sara jumping on a trampoline that was positioned above the ocean — again, in a bikini. The snap captured her as she arched her back, bent her knees and held her hands above her head, appearing to enjoy the moment.

In a different photo, Sara was seen on a paddle board near a picturesque rock formation in the ocean. One snap showed her hiking up a wooden staircase looking over her shoulder at the scenery below. Another picture showed Sara and two other women hiking to a waterfall in their bathing suits, and yet another showed the beauty enjoying a waterfall from inside a tent.

One photo captured the beauty splashing around in the water, while another showed her enjoying a beach scene from her position in a tree. Another snap featured Sara sitting near the top of a steep mountain ridge.

In the caption, Sara mentioned that Oahu was a great place to beat the cold temperatures. Her 9.2 million fans seemed to enjoy the snaps and many mentioned that it seemed that she was living a great life.

"What an amazing life. Happy for you," one follower wrote.

"You have an amazing life with all your photo shoots," said a second fan.

Other fans were happy to see Sara flaunting her figure in the snaps.

"Good lord Sara, I think you get sexier every day," one follower chimed in.

"Anywhere with you in the background is A OK!" commented another fan.

Sara has a love for the outdoors and for taking fantastic photos in amazing locations. She recently visited Maui for a friend's wedding and shared a photo that showed her flaunting her enviable figure in a sexy bikini.