‘Dumb And Dumber 2’ Could Arrive In 2014

Dumb & Dumber 2 2014

Jim Carrey has provided an update to the potential sequel of their infamous comedy, Dumb And Dumber, and he has stated that he and his co-star, Jeff Daniels, could start filming next year.

Dumb And Dumber To was announced last April, but then the next few months were rather tumultuous for pre-production on the movie, to the point that Carrey reportedly pulled out of the movie.

This was because the comedian thought that Warner Bros were focusing enough of their attention on the film, even though the original grossed $250 million from a budget of $17 million.

Daniels then stated that both he and Carrey were keen to make the film, and even added that the Farrelly Brothers, the writers and directors of the original, entitled the sequel, Dumb And Dumber To.

Carrey has now stated, in regard to the film, “I’m ready!” Plus he has also provided an update to the movie, but stated that it is unlikely to happen at any point in 2013.

“We’re talking about it. Jeff [Daniels] and I are really excited about it and hopefully next year we’ll be able to do that,” Carrey told WorstPreviews.

In January, Peter Farrelly provided an update to the writing of the film, stating, “I love the script. It’s exactly like the first one. We pick up 20 years later. We explain what they’ve done for the last 17 or 18 years. We take off from that and it’s just a lot of laughs.”


Farrelly then added that the script was in the hands of Warner Bros, before divulging that it would be financed from outside of the production company, but would be released by them.

“If you liked Dumb and Dumber, you’ll like this because it’s the same and more. It’s really fun,” added the filmmaker.

Are you excited for Dumb And Dumber To? What’s your favorite scene from the original?