Election Results 'Bad Omen' For Donald Trump Impeachment, Reported Trump Pal Tells CNN: 'It Could Be Terrible'

After Democrats scored a series of major victories in Tuesday's state and local elections, Donald Trump should be worried about the current impeachment inquiry against him, according to a source close to Trump. The report of high-level concern in Trump's inner circle was posted to Twitter by CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta.

"Totally bad," the unnamed source told Acosta, according to the reporter's tweet. "Kentucky and Virginia signal to GOP they are underestimating voter intensity against Trump, and it could be terrible for them next year."

Acosta said that the source was a person who "regularly talks to Trump."

But the source also said that not only do the November 5 results bode poorly for Republican chances in 2020, but even before those elections roll around, Tuesday's Democratic victories signal a "bad omen for impeachment."

In Kentucky, Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear appears to have squeaked out a victory in the governor's race, defeating incumbent Republican Matt Bevin — who had aligned himself closely with Trump.

Trump held a rally in Kentucky on Monday night, just hours before polls opened, telling supporters that the governor's race was essentially a referendum on himself. Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election by a massive, 30-point margin in Kentucky.

If Bevin were to lose the election, Trump told the rally crowd in Lexington, Kentucky, "they are going to say Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world."

Andy Beshear celebrates his victory.
Getty Images | John Sommers II
Democrat Andy Beshear, who will apparently become the next governor of Kentucky.

But according to multiple projections, Bevin did indeed lose the election to Beshear, the son of former Democratic Governor Steve Beshear, whom Bevin defeated four years ago.

The warning from the CNN source came on the same day that House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff -- who is spearheading the impeachment hearings -- announced via Twitter that those hearings would now be open to the public for the first time. The first public impeachment testimony is scheduled for November 13, Schiff announced.

In Tuesday's elections, not only did a Democrat take the Kentucky governor's mansion, but Democrats in Virginia gained majorities in both houses of the commonwealth's legislature. With a Democratic governor already in office, the party holds full control of Virginia state government for the first time in more than two decades.

And in Pennsylvania, Democrats also racked up a "blue wave" of victories, as The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. In Delaware County, a Republican stronghold in the Philadelphia suburbs, Democrats captured all five county council seats for the first time in nearly 150 years.