'Sports Illustrated' Model Haley Kalil Shows Off Tanned And Toned Backside In Thong Bathing Suit

Sports Illustrated model Haley Kalil showed off her tanned and toned backside and ample curves wearing a thong bathing suit in a smoldering new photo uploaded to Instagram.

Haley was seen in the sensuous pic standing in front of a stark white wall, a fabulous contrast to her tanned skin and the design of the bathing suit. The material was gray, with coordinating white stripes in a horizontal design.

The garment's sole accents were two gold-colored clips in the back that held the top of the suit to the thong triangle bottom, which sat at the small of Haley's back.

While the front of the suit cannot be fully seen in the photo, the sides of the summer gear were cut dangerously close to the front, showing off the sides of Haley's breasts.

The overall effect of the photo is striking. The model is posed with her hands to her head, eyes closed, and hair tousled, framing a face that has neutral-colored makeup with lots of shimmering highlights.

While it is unclear whether or not this photo seen below is for an upcoming Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition, as models are currently being photographed for the spring launch of the publication, Haley wanted to share what she feels is the duality of being a swimsuit model with her social media followers.

A person looking at the original photo only needs to swipe to the left to see just how glamorous Haley looked when she initially posted the sexy swimsuit photo to social media.

In a nod to her real life and not the life that is depicted in one glamorous photo after another, Haley is seen in a selfie, lying down on what appears to be a striped sofa or chair with her phone's camera close to her face. The close-up pic shows the young woman's face stripped bare and freckles showing, as she wore her glasses and grinned for the camera.

Followers of the model thanked her for being honest about her looks, and once again, showing her fans that what you see on Instagram isn't always how things are in real life.

One fan thanked the model for "being real."

"Of course!! I've grown sick of all the fake on the internet. Nothing wrong with a dose of reality," Haley responded.

Another follower noted, "Honestly I like version two better because version one is so hot I'm too intimidated to talk to her."

Haley's response?

"Good thing I'm version two 99% of my life."
The Inquisitr recently reported that Haley posted a throwback bikini video of herself during her rookie debut for Sports Illustrated, which can be seen above. She shared the clip of her first shoot for the magazine, which took place in Kenya, Africa. Haley called the experience the "best days of her life" and completed her post with a bathing suit and heart-eyes emoji.