November 6, 2019
Cuban Fitness Star Lisa Morales Posts Thigh & Booty Workout Video On Instagram

Lisa Morales took to Instagram on Tuesday evening to share her latest exercise video on Instagram. Morales looked amazing in her workout clothes as she focused on lower body exercises that can be done at home with a chair or a stool.

The Cuban fitness model kept her outfit simple, choosing a white sports bra and mauve leggings that showed off every inch of her incredible legs. Throughout the video, her legions of fans caught glimpses of her tiny waist, toned arms, and healthy booty. In fact, her followers showered her with compliments about her figure and sexy outfit.

Morales has a large fan base of over 2.3 million followers who love checking in on the Latina beauty. This particular video has already garnered over 35,000 views, and many fans also shared their love by commenting on it.

One fan encouraged Morales by saying, "You have the cutest style!"

Another opined, "Omg!! I love this mini work out and those leggings/joggers are everything!"

A follower who knows about Morales fitness journey noted that she is also on a similar route.

"I love how u post about your (sic) fitness journey of trying to gain muscle and weight! I was the same 93lbs now im (sic) 115 and loving it."
The video started off with Lisa sitting in front of the computer at home. It seems as if she was targeting those who work from home or need to get active during their day. She then got up and walked to a fluffy stool. She did a little dance and jiggled her butt, much to the delight of her fans, and then began her workout.

The social media star started off by doing a Bulgarian split squat. She placed her back foot on the stool then lunged forward, working out her bum and thighs. Lisa then completed a step-up with a leg raise, which also targets the same muscle groups.

The fitness guru then used her chair in a different way. She rested her abs on the stool while keeping her hands on the floor for support. She then performed side-to-side leg raises and crossed over the midline to target her core and outer thighs.

Lisa ended the exercise routine with a single leg squat where she balanced on one leg while her other foot was placed on the chair. Lisa held her hands up to her chin while concentrating on the challenging move.

This video showcases why Lisa Morales is one of the most popular fitness icons on social media today.