‘One Punch Man’ Chapter 105 Spoilers: Tatsumaki Defeats Gyoro Gyoro, Saitama Finally Meets Monster King Orochi

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The latest chapter of the popular manga One Punch Man featured the intense clash between two of the strongest espers from the Hero Association and the Monster Association — S-class Rank 2 hero Tatsumaki and Gyoro Gyoro. Monster King Orochi’s closest adviser immediately made a move by trying to crush Tatsumaki with compacted debris. Unfortunately, after being trapped for a few seconds, Tatsumaki easily freed herself and didn’t have a single scratch on her body.

After taunting Gyoro Gyoro, Tatsumaki fought back with a single psychic blast. Tatsumaki succeeded to penetrate the enemy’s barrier and pierced his skin. Gyoro Gyoro was amazed by the power of Tatsumaki and decided to show his true form. As shown in One Punch Man Chapter 105, Gyoro Gyoro didn’t have any change in his size after his transformation, but his entire body was covered with eyes that allowed him to see attacks from all directions.

After unleashing his true form, Gyoro Gyoro claimed he’s already stronger than Tatsumaki. As punishment for damaging his body, Gyoro Gyoro attacked Tatsumaki with Super Raging Waves of Gravity. He sent her to the ground and vowed to flatten her like a pancake. Unfortunately for the strongest esper of the Monster Association, none of his attacks seemed to be effective against Tatsumaki.

Tatsumaki decided to take the fight more seriously and started demonstrating her incredible psychic power to Gyoro Gyoro. However, instead of killing the enemy in an instant, Tatsumaki chose to give Gyoro Gyoro a gruesome death. Tatsumaki crushed Gyoro Gyoro’s eyes one by one and tore his body to pieces. Gyoro Gyoro regretted underestimating Tatsumaki and realized that she’s completely on a different level than her little sister Fubuki.

One Punch Man Chapter 105 revealed some interesting facts about Gyoro Gyoro and Monster King Orochi. Gyoro Gyoro admitted that he was the one who created Monster King Orochi, but since he’s more powerful than him, he’s considered as the boss of the Monster Association. However, Gyoro Gyoro said that he brainwashed Monster King Orochi to follow all his commands.

Gyoro Gyoro tried to summon Monster King Orochi to help him defeat Tatsumaki. However, no one arrived at their location, and Tatsumaki told Gyoro Gyoro that their boss might be busy dealing with another strong S-class hero. However, in One Punch Man Chapter 105, it turned out that Monster King Orochi didn’t meet any of the S-class heroes but did encounter the strongest human in the world, Saitama.

Despite his appearance, Saitama isn’t scared of Monster King Orochi at all. He calmly asked him why he’s living in his neighborhood. Though he didn’t answer his question, Monster King Orochi said that Saitama doesn’t seem to be a “vermin that I can afford to ignore.”