Cosplay Model Liz Katz Flaunts Cleavage In Fuzzy Crop Top And Flashes Guy Fawkes Nail

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Cosplay model Liz Katz got dressed up for Guy Fawkes Night. However, she didn’t commemorate the 5th of November by covering up her face with the smiling mustachioed mask that the movie V for Vendetta made famous. Instead, she rocked a much tinier version of the Guy Fawkes mask that so many activist groups have adopted as a symbol of rebellion.

On Tuesday, Liz took to Instagram to show off her latest look. The 31-year-old cosplayer has earned a reputation for showing a lot of skin on social media, and on many occasions, her outfits blur the lines between cosplay and the revealing looks that curvy Instagram babes use to increase their follower counts. The ensemble she’s pictured wearing in her Guy Fawkes Night post is a blend of the two, starting with a black cropped cardigan and a black-and-white gingham skirt. Three buttons on her fuzzy sweater top have been undone to expose her ample cleavage, while her only accessory is a beaded black choker around her neck.

Liz is wearing her blond hair in messy braided pigtails, and she’s holding the tips of them in each hand. She’s leaning toward the camera, providing a clear view of her manicured nails on her left hand. Three of them have been painted with shiny black polish, but the nail of her ring finger is white. A tiny Guy Fawkes face has been painted on it.

Liz is gazing at the camera with a small smile on her face. In the caption of her post, she quotes the movie V for Vendetta— or the Alan Moore graphic novel on which it is based.

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‪Ideas are bulletproof #5thofnovember‬

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Liz’s fans usually respond to her social media posts by applauding her for crafting incredible costumes or commenting on her curvaceous figure, but her nod to Guy Fawkes Night and V is for Vendetta had them praising her nail art.

“Love the nail. Awesome,” one of her followers remarked.

“Love your finger nails. Did you hand do the mask?” another wrote.

In response to this query, Liz confessed that she didn’t draw the mask herself — she revealed that she had her nails done at the Studio RAWR nail salon. She didn’t say whether she attended a Guy Fawkes Night celebration anywhere, or if she was just dressing up to pay homage to the V for Vendetta graphic novel and movie inspired by Guy Fawkes.

While she didn’t wear a full costume for Guy Fawkes Night, which the British observe each year on November 5, Liz Katz’s fans didn’t seem too disappointed by her choice of outfit, as they rewarded her Instagram post with 16,000 likes over the course of two hours. Many of her followers were probably happy to see a smile on Liz’s face as well as her fingernail after she confessed that she’s been struggling with feelings of sadness lately.