‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Shares Throwback Bikini Photo, Says She ‘Never’ Wants To Be Blond Again

Rick DiamondGetty Images for CMT

Leah Messer often shares new photos with her fans. Yet, on Tuesday, she took to her Instagram stories to share some throwback photos, including one of her with platinum blond hair wearing a bikini.

In the photo, Leah is wearing yellow bikini bottoms with a matching multicolored top. The bikini top is yellow with stripes of pink and blue. Her long blond hair is worn down, and even though she rocks it, she lets her fans know that she won’t be going back to that hair color anytime soon.

“Never wanna be blonde ever. Again!” she wrote over top the photo. It sounds like, even though Leah rocked her blond hair for years, she is content with the darker strands that she has been wearing lately.

That wasn’t the only throwback photo shared by the mom of three, though. Leah also shared several more throwbacks with her followers, including one photo that included her twin daughters. Gracie and Ali are now 9-years-old, but in the photo, they were toddlers. The twins are riding around in a pink jeep toy in the yard and Leah is beside them, smiling. She didn’t write any text over the photo, but instead included three smiley face emoji with hearts for eyes.

Another photo showed the same pink jeep, but this time, Leah was riding in it solo. Leah is clearly too big for the powered kids’ vehicle, and she appears to be laughing as she sits behind the steering wheel with her long, blond and brown hair down. The Teen Mom 2 star must have thought it was a funny sight as well as she posted two laughing emoji over the photos.

Finally, she shared a photo of herself alongside her sister, Victoria. In the photo, Leah is wearing a green shirt and has a camo hat over her hair, which is worn down. Her sister Victoria is wearing a pink shirt and is giving Leah a kiss on the cheek.

“Haha! The Myspace days,” Leah wrote, tagging her sister in the photo.

Leah loves sharing photos to her Instagram, and fans love to comment on them. However, since these were shared to her Instagram stories, none of her fans’ reactions were readily available. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the most recent photo Leah shared to her actual Instagram page showed her three daughters posing in their Halloween costumes. The post received over 160,000 likes and plenty of positive comments from fans noting how much her girls have grown.