Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jax Intercepts Laura, But Nikolas’ Secret May Not Last For Long

Michael YadaABC

Nikolas Cassadine is determined to keep his mother, his son, and everybody else in Port Charles from learning he’s alive. However, General Hospital spoilers tease that this will get increasingly tricky in the days ahead.

At the end of Tuesday’s episode, Nik’s mother, Laura Spencer Collins, was knocking on the door as he stood frozen on the other side. Apparently Nik will get lucky this time, but how long will his luck last?

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps suggest that Jasper Jacks will probably return home while Laura is still standing by his door. She will surely want to step into his place to discuss what’s on her mind, which is likely the situation with Ava Jerome.

Of course, Jax can’t allow Laura into his house given that Nikolas is hiding out there. General Hospital spoilers detail that Jax will successfully stop Laura, for now.

Laura didn’t really give Ava’s claims that she saw Nikolas that much credence. The latest General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jax will do everything he can to ensure things stay that way.

Jax may manage to keep Laura from learning about Nikolas’ return to Port Charles for now, but General Hospital spoilers hint that someone else will soon present a new problem. Teasers suggest that Jax’s ex-wife, Carly Corinthos, may uncover this massive secret next.

When Jax returned to Port Charles, he experienced great joy in needling Sonny Corinthos by purchasing the house next door. He suggested this would be a good thing for Josslyn Jacks, his daughter with Carly, but now that decision may come back to bite him.

As Carly and Jax discussed Josslyn’s drinking incident, Carly suggested that maybe Joss should start splitting her time between their two homes. Ordinarily, Jax would likely leap at this opportunity to spend more time with Joss. However, it’s not an option now that Nikolas is hiding out at his place.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly will soon uncover a big secret of some nature. Teasers also indicate that next week, she will make a deal of some sort with Jax. It sounds likely that Carly will end up discovering that Nik is alive and that she’ll be convinced to keep the bombshell to herself.

Whatever secret Carly uncovers supposedly could have a significant impact on Sonny. If this discovery is about Nik, fans will be interested to see just how this transitions to have a major impact on Sonny.

How long will Nikolas remain hidden, and will his son Spencer Cassadine soon return to town as well? General Hospital spoilers hint that there are juicy twists and turns ahead as this storyline edges forward, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next.