'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown May Leave Husband Kody After 33 Years Of Marriage, Kristyn Decker Claims

Sister Wives star Meri Brown may be ready to leave her husband of 33 years, Kody Brown, says relative Kristyn Decker, an aunt of Kody's wife Christine Brown.

Decker claims that Meri Brown is behaving in a way that leads her to believe that she will soon be saying goodbye to her polygamist lifestyle, as well as her fellow sister wives and husband, reported Radar Online.

Decker has authored a book titled Fifty Years in Polygamy: Big Secrets and Little White Lies. Her parents were in a polygamist relationship, and she was in one herself. The Radar story also revealed that Decker is estranged from the large clan after she spoke out against their polygamist lifestyle.

Decker claimed to Radar that Meri's actions are indicative of a big change ahead in her life. Meri's family includes Kody Brown, and sister wives Christine, Janelle and Robyn Brown. Together, the clan has 18 children from Kody's four wives.

"That's the beginning of her leaving," Decker said in her interview with Radar Online. "That's what I did. I had to start taking care of me. I started going to plays, parties and movies, I would find friends."

Meri Brown has been outspoken about her marriage issues with Kody in the past on the series. Many of these stemmed from the isolation Meri felt as her sister wives continued to grow their families and Meri, who has only one child with Kody, felt left out and disconnected. Meri was Kody's only legal wife until he divorced her to marry Robyn Brown in order to be able to adopt her two children from a previous marriage.

This left Meri feeling lost in her relationship with Kody and she turned to the Internet for solace, finding friends online and, eventually, being catfished by a woman who pretended to be a man. All of this played out in front of TLC's cameras as the show moved through its many seasons on the network.

Although Meri has not officially said she was leaving her clan, and these were only Decker's observations about her behavior, it is true that the last time the reality star posted a photo with her husband to social media was in the above photo posted in January 2019.

Meri usually posts several photos a week to Instagram and most of her photos are solo shots or photos with different friends.

Meri posted a photo of herself with daughter Mariah in June and a pic with Robyn Brown during the same time period. Since that time, she has not shared any other family photos to social media.

The Brown family moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, two years ago after leaving their cul-de-sac of homes in Las Vegas, where the family had resided since 2011.

The Inquisitr previously reported that one of the children in the clan's family, Maddie Brown Brush, recently gave birth to a baby girl with husband Caleb. The infant, named Evie, was diagnosed with FATCO syndrome. The disorder is an extremely rare genetic condition that affects bone formation in utero. Maddie is the daughter of Kody Brown and his wife Janelle. Meri helped raise Maddie, acting as a mother figure to the young woman, as all of the women in the family did and continue to do for each other's children.

Sister Wives is reportedly returning to TLC for Season 14. A premiere date has not yet been announced.