Brunette Bombshell Ainsley Rodriguez Flaunts Bikini Body While Posing With An ATV

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Fitness model Ainsley Rodriguez sent temperatures soaring when she showed off her fabulous figure while lounging against an all-terrain vehicle in her most recent Instagram update.

The update showed Ainsley sitting on a sandy beach wearing a skimpy red bikini with her back up against the footrest of the red ATV. The beauty sat with her knees slightly bent and her toes in the sand. She posed with one arm over her head as she looked ahead with a pensive look on her face. She wore a pair of aviator sunglasses and a small pair of stud earrings as her hair fell over one shoulder.

Ainsley’s string bikini left little to the imagination. The top was a classic triangle style that showed plenty of cleavage. Because of the pose of her leg, just a peek of the string on one of Ainsley’s hips was visible. On display was her chiseled abs, curvy hips, and toned thighs.

In the post’s caption, Ainsley spoke about Mercury being in retrograde, which led to a lengthy post about self-reflection and the importance of remaining positive throughout challenging times.

The update was a hit with her fans, racking up over 15,000 likes within an hour of going live. Many of her followers thanked her for the positive message.

“Omg I was wondering why things have been so mentally challenging the last couple days. I completely forgot. At least I know now so i can use it as a growing point,” said one follower.

“Afternoon beauty. Looking great in red. Thanks for keeping me on the right path,” a second fan wrote.

Other fans couldn’t help but compliment the stunner on her incredible figure.

“Wow can I ride with you. You look gorgeous,” wrote one fan.

“You are so much more than a beautiful woman,” commented another admirer.

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Waiting for Mercury Retrograde to be over like ... ???? . Lolll, no in all honesty, retrogrades are actually the PERFECT time for self reflection and growth so use it to your advantage! The little inconveniences that can arise these next few weeks aren’t worth the stress - just think about it as life testing you. ???? While there can definitely be some tech issues, lack of communication, and weirdness happening, those petty and mundane things aren’t part of the bigger picture so don’t let it get to you! . Just a gentle reminder that you ARE capable, and if you put in the self work, you're going to go far.⁣ Its ok to be frustrated with a few issues, but know that YOU rule your own life, not the little inconveniences. ☺️ it's in your power and in your control. Use this as a time to wrap things up, let go of things that no longer serve you, release blockages, do some emotional, spiritual and physical house cleaning anddddd get ready for those newfound empty spaces to be filled with new and exciting energy and a higher vibration! ???? . #MercuryRetrograde #BringItOn #GoodVibesOnly

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Many of Ainsley’s post are uplifting. While she likes to showcase her enviable figure, she also likes to encourage others to be their best. Earlier this week, she shared a post about eating disorders while also flaunting her killer abs. She also likes to show photos of how her clients have been able to change their bodies while working with her.

Ainsley is also known for sharing healthy tips for people to use when they are eating out or shopping. A look at her Instagram pages shows that she also likes to post workout routines and recipes. She recently shared a recipe for pumpkin spice protein donuts.