‘RHOBH’ Star Erika Jayne Dodges Court Appearance In Her Husband’s $6 Million Legal Battle

Amy SussmanGetty Images

Erika Jayne was going to be forced to make a courtroom appearance on November 7 in her husband’s $6 million debt lawsuit, but the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star managed to dodge the drama. According to The Blast, one of the creditors claiming that Thomas Girardi owes them a massive unpaid debt says they’re no longer interested in examining Erika’s finances.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Law Finance Group claims Thomas only paid back $10 million of a $16 million loan. The group sued the lawyer and his law firm, Girardi Keese, in order to get their money back. The group also wanted to “examine Erika Jayne aka Erika Girardi, whom I have reason to believe is the spouse of Judgment Debtor Thomas V. Girardi.” Apparently, the group believes that Erika is “currently in possession of personal property individually owned by the Judgment Debtor or jointly owned by Erika.”

The company also says that they wanted to ask her about her personal property that was owned by her husband because they believe that she had information about his assets that could be useful in their efforts to collect the funds.

Recently, however, Thomas paid $3 million towards the debt, and whether or not that was a factor in their decision, the group has decided that they don’t want to chat with Erika after all.

The ongoing lawsuit alleges that Thomas used the money that the company loaned to him to “to maintain Mr. Girardi’s lavish lifestyle and to keep his prominent law firm financially afloat.”

Thomas, in response, has slammed the allegation as false and slanderous. He says that he used every penny from his law firm for business and hasn’t taken funds from the firm in three years. He also says that he agreed to pay the money back a few weeks before the group opened the suit.

“It is slanderous that the money was for my ‘lifestyle’ … every penny went for costs in cases that the firm is handling,” he said.

After receiving $2,982,272.42, the firm says that they are withdrawing their motion to see Erika in court.

Meanwhile, Erika is still facing another legal battle related to her husband. Stillwell Madison has sued the couple for $3.4 million that they claim to have loaned Thomas. They say that he has used the funds to support his and Erika’s “lavish” lifestyle, including their home, which has been featured repeatedly on the Housewives. That case is also still ongoing.