‘The View’ Host Meghan McCain Says She Hates Rand Paul After He Demands Identity Of Ukraine Whistleblower

Tasos KatopodisGetty Images

Meghan McCain slammed Kentucky Republican Rand Paul after the junior senator demanded that the name of the whistleblower who brought the Ukraine scandal to light be revealed. The View co-host spoke with Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and Sunny Hostin on Tuesday’s episode of the show, according to Mediaite, where she expressed frustration at Rand’s attempts to unmask the individual.

The segment started out with McCain saying “I hate him” as Goldberg introduced the topic.

Paul appeared alongside Donald Trump’s Keep America Great rally on Monday, where he called for the media to “print his name” in reference to the individual who broke the story about the conversation between Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. This conversation sparked the House impeachment inquiry against the president.

“He sounds so crazy,” McCain said. “Why does he sound so crazy?”

Behar jumped into the conversation, pointing out that the whistleblower is legally entitled to remain anonymous.

“[N]ow he’s telling the media to break the law. Why don’t you break the law and then you go to jail, Rand?”

McCain then said she laughed at the slogan, “read the transcript,” Trump unveiled at the rally, saying it was a clever marketing ploy to paint the investigation as unnecessary. Essentially, she argued, it makes it look as though the investigation should be done because a White House transcript is available to the public to be reviewed.

Throughout the segment, she said that she planned to make light of the “read the transcript” slogan as long as it was being used.

Hostin added to the conversation, saying that Rand’s behavior is essentially witness intimidation, which is against the law.

“If Rand Paul were doing this to a witness and saying this about a witness that I had on in one of my cases, I would send an FBI agent to his house and I would have him brought in,” she said. “This person is a whistleblower! He’s intimidating that witness and encouraging people to break the law. How dare he? He’s a sitting senator. He knows better.”

The president has also called for the whistleblower’s name to be made public. At a recent media event, he claimed that the media knew the name of the individual but was refusing to reveal it.

McCain went on to say that the president has targeted her with intimidation tactics, publicly calling for her to be fired from a previous job that she held. While McCain is a self-described conservative, she has been a frequent and vocal critic of Trump.