‘World’s Most Beautiful Girl’ Thylane Blondeau Bares Her Midriff & Flaunts Her Curves In New Instagram Snap

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images for L'Oreal Paris

French model Thylane Blondeau is raising heart rates among her millions of Instagram fans with a new photograph. The 18-year-old beauty has previously been called the most beautiful girl in the world, and this latest snapshot arguably proves that she rightly owns that grand title.

Tuesday morning, Blondeau posted a single photo to her Instagram page that seemingly needed no caption. Thylane didn’t offer details regarding the brands she was wearing or the reason for the photoshoot, but it doesn’t look as if her fans cared about those details one bit.

Blondeau’s hair was styled with a middle part and her locks cascaded over her shoulders in loose waves. Thylane’s makeup palette was fairly subdued with a pale pink lip color enhancing her pouty lips. A golden-hued eye shadow allowed her blue eyes to captivate those checking out the shot.

Thylane’s outfit was quite casual, but her accessories provided a bold contrast. Blondeau wore several chunky gold necklaces around her neck, and there was a peek at a hanging pair of earrings. In addition, the photo included a glimpse at a couple of dainty gold bracelets on one of the model’s wrists.

The French teen model wore a pair of denim jeans that she had cinched at the waist with a red-and-black belt. It looks as if the jeans hung fairly loosely on the thin model’s frame and rested just below her navel.

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Along with the low-riding jeans, Blondeau wore a short, form-fitting gray tank top. The scoop neck and cropped cut provided hints of Thylane’s curves without being terribly revealing. Based on the reaction from those following the French teen on the social media site, this alluring photo was a big hit.

More than 3.2 million people follow Blondeau’s Instagram page and more than 100,000 of them liked this picture in the first hour after it was initially shared. In addition, nearly 500 people quickly commented on Thylane’s latest look, and they loved what they saw.

“You look truly very beautiful,” noted one of Blondeau’s fans.

“Soo stunning,” declared another supporter of Thylane.

“Hottest woman ever,” remarked someone else.

Thyland Blondeau is often made up to look quite glamorous in the work she does. At the same time, the French model also has a knack for taking a simple ensemble and transforming it into something sultry and captivating. It seems clear that this photo is from an upcoming campaign of some nature, and fans will be anxious to see more of this enticing look.