Donald Trump Jr. Says President Trump Told Him To Cool It On Social Media

Andrew SpearGetty Images

Donald Trump Jr. took to Fox News and said that his father, Donald Trump, told him to tone it down on Twitter because he was getting a “little hot on social.”

Trump Jr. made an appearance on Fox & Friends as part of his tour to promote his new book, Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us. While speaking with co-host Brian Kilmeade, he revealed that his dad gave him a little guidance when it comes to speaking out on social media.

“True or false: Your dad asked you to stop tweeting?” Kilmeade asked. “During the election. Or — after he got the job.”

Trump Jr. responded that the president has asked him several times over the years to cool it.

“There were a couple of times,” Trump Jr. said. “Took me 41 years to realize I’m probably a lot more like him than we ever thought. And, you know, backed into a corner, we fight. But every once in a while I get that call, ‘hey, you’re getting a little hot on social.'”

“Your dad told you?” Kilmead said.

Trump Jr. went on to say that he has received phone calls from the White House on several occasions where his dad has warned him that he is getting a bit riled up.

The senior Trump is well-known for his fiery use of Twitter to attack his opponents, and Trump Jr. says that while he turns to his father for advice on a range of topics, this is one area where he was going to follow his own instincts.

“I will take your advice on anything…[else],” he said of his father. “This may be the one place where I’m going to say, I’m on my own, and maybe you don’t have the authority to start talking about this.”

Trump Jr. says that he used his book to talk about issues like what he sees as the media bias against him, and lamented the perceived Democratic lack of attention towards working Americans — familiar talking points used both by the younger Trump and the president. He added that he normally only has limited time to chat about the issues that he is often tweeting about, but this book gave him 300 pages to expand on the subjects that are important to him.

When asked if he was willing to see the transcript of his interview during the Robert Mueller investigation, he said that he’d be happy to see them released, before accusing the Democrats of being unwilling to reveal any transcripts of their own recent investigations related to the president’s calls with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

President Trump has also railed against the impeachment inquiry transcripts, calling on Republicans to release their own notes of the closed-door meetings.