Meghan Markle’s Bestie Jessica Mulroney Does Leg Raises To Work Her Incredible Abs

Jessica MulroneyInstagram

Meghan Markle’s best friend Jessica Mulroney really put her toned core to work in a video clip she posted to her Instagram page late last night.

In the caption of her workout video clip, the celebrity stylist revealed that fancy and expensive exercising equipment is unnecessary to work on your midriff.

The fitness session featured Jessica stretched out on a bench while doing leg raises to work out her already spectacularly toned abs.

Dressed for the occasion, Mulroney sported a pink Adidas sports bra that she paired with tight gray leggings. The video was shot from several different positions, both near her head and near her voluptuous backside to show what her leg raises looked like from every angle.

Jessica grabbed onto her workout bench with her elbows up in the air, as she used the strength of her abdomen to hoist her lower body off the bench, while also twisting it in a few different directions. As the workout progressed, her followers could see Jessica’s chiseled core tighten and relax every time she raised and lowered the bottom half of her body.

The portion of the video shot from behind Jessica gave her followers a nice look at how fantastic her curvy bottom looked in the leggings. When the video transitioned to being in front of Jessica, her fans got a generous view of flexing cleavage. As she hoisted her lower half into the air, viewers could see her arms and elbows quivering during the intense workout.

In the 13 hours since the video hit her page, it’s made a real splash with her followers to the tune of over 87,000 views and nearly 300 comments.

“Goodness. This is definitely motivation. I’ll try this tomorrow. Thanks,” one follower penned.

A second added, “You are a beast.. You are beyond anything, I think I may be”

“And this is why u look amazing in a bathing suit and everything else!” a third commenter noted.

A fourth jested, “Careful… someone might complain about this.”

Several of the comments were referencing the Instagram post Jessica made just a few hours prior to sharing the workout video. Her previous post showed a gray background with white letters, joking that she had made a mistake by posting a picture of herself in a bathing suit.

According to People magazine, the post was in response to Mulroney being body-shamed after posting pictures of herself rocking a red swimsuit while enjoying her vacation in the Cayman Islands.

Based on some of the comments to her workout video, many of her followers seemed to assume the leg-raising session was another dig at the body-shaming trolls. This assumption was made because the very beginning of her caption on the video post read “moving on.”