Donald Trump Plugs Son’s Book On Social Media & Twitter Immediately Claps Back

Win McNameeGetty Images

President Donald Trump is anxious to build hype for his son’s new book release, but it seems this effort is generating a lot of pushback. After the president posted on Twitter about Donald Trump Jr.’s new book, people were quick to reply with plenty of criticism which included numerous references to Hunter Biden.

Trump Jr.’s new book is titled Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us, and it is now officially available for purchase. On Monday, the president tweeted about his son’s new project and urged everybody to order it right away.

The president’s tweet promoting Don Jr.’s book generated a lot of engagement, both positive and negative. Many supporters of the Trump family voiced excitement to check out Don Jr.’s new project. On the flip side, plenty of Trump critics pushed back against both the publishing of the tweet and the message.

Some people on Twitter replied to the president’s post by referencing the government’s guidelines in relation to the misuse of position. For example, it is an issue for someone in public office to use that office for private gain or for the private gain of family and friends. Clearly, some critics felt that Trump’s promotion of his son’s book project violated these ethics rules.

Another common avenue of pushback was to reference the recent Trump family criticisms of Hunter Biden. In fact, Don Jr. recently appeared on FOX News personality Sean Hannity’s show and quipped that he wished his name was Hunter Biden so that he could make a living off his father’s name.

These remarks by the executive vice president of the Trump Organization were quickly met with widespread criticism across social media. Now, people are flooding the president’s Twitter page with a fresh round of Biden-related clapbacks.

“Hey Donnie, sorry to interrupt your important work of pedaling your son’s book for his personal gain, but can you talk more about Biden’s son profiting from his father’s position you overgrown hypocritical sh*t-eating louse?” wrote one Twitter user.

Some people recommended other books, such as the upcoming A Warning by the unnamed administration critic and op-ed writer “Anonymous.” There were plenty of memes mocking the president, his family, the current impeachment inquiry, and numerous other Trump-related topics as well.

“It’s a good thing his last name isn’t Biden. If it was, a bribe would be initiated because he was making money off of his father’s name/position.”

“#DonaldTrump is promoting Donald Trump Jr new book #Triggered. Jr is benefiting from his father being President to boost sales,” remarked another critic.

So far, it doesn’t appear that any references or comparisons to the Biden criticisms are impacting the Trump family’s enthusiasm for promoting this new project of Don Jr.’s.