Britney Spears’ Hairdresser Reveals What Happened During The Head-Shaving Incident In 2007

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Britney Spears shaving her head in 2007 is something that most fans know about, or remember taking place. Years later, her hairdresser, Esther Tognozzi, is speaking up about what happened that day, as reported by ET. Esther detailed her version of the 2007 controversy in a new documentary called Britney Spears: Breaking Point, which recently aired on Channel 5 in the U.K.

“I thought [the paparazzi] were going to kill each other. They were trying to pile up on top of each other to get a picture,” Esther claimed, as she described the chaotic scene at her salon after Britney arrived.

And while the star was there, presumably to get a haircut, the hairdresser said that she noticed that Britney was holding a buzzer in her hand. Apparently, the singer wanted to see what it would feel like to buzz her hair off.

“So, I tried to talk her out of it and I said: ‘You don’t want to do that, tomorrow is a different day, you’ll feel differently tomorrow, let’s talk about it,'” explained Esther.

“My phone rang again so, as I’m answering my phone, I realize she went into that other room, sat in that chair and buzzed half her hair off.”

The pop singer previously opened up about what happened from her side of the story, according to HuffPost. She contextualized her decision with the personal struggles she had been dealing with at the time.

“A little bit of rebellion, or feeling free, or shedding stuff that had happened, you know?” explained Britney, describing some of the reasons behind the act.

Britney is believed to have driven to the salon after heading to ex-husband, Kevin Federline’s, house to see her two children. However, Kevin allegedly declined to allow the singer to see her kids. Unfortunately for Britney, she had no room to deal with her personal drama in private. And as she headed to the salon from the house, she was trailed by paparazzi.

Around 70 photographers eventually snagged a shot of the pop star with no hair, according to Cosmopolitan. This means that there were already that many people at the salon before anything unusual had taken place.

Considering that the incident took place so long ago, it’s no surprise that Britney is in a completely different place in her life right now. However, it’s not unusual for her dedicated fans to express concern whenever the pop star posts anything cryptic or bizarre, as was the case three days ago when Britney quoted a 13th-century Persian poet.

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