‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Suggest That Valentin Is Facing Trouble From All Angles

Walt Disney TelevisionMatt Petit

Valentin Cassadine may be feeling fairly confident these days, but General Hospital spoilers tease that he may soon come to realize he’s about to be hit with surprises from several angles. Sasha Gilmore is letting him slide by not exposing his schemes to Nina Reeves, but it appears that he is blind to several other potential avenues where things could go very wrong for him soon.

Fans have suspected that Nina might be playing Valentin and that she is seemed quite clear during Monday’s episode. She is telling everybody that she believes that Sasha acted on her own, but viewers have seen facial expressions from her signaling otherwise.

Not only does Valentin not realize that he should be much more careful with Nina, but now Curtis Ashford is going to be asking questions too. Before Dr. Liesl Obrecht could fully cover her tracks, Curtis and Jordan had the DNA test, which reinforced the supposed link between Sasha and Nina, rerun.

This test once again supposedly proved that Sasha is Nina’s daughter, and Curtis wants to know how that could be since he knows that’s not true. Of course, viewers know that it’s because Obrecht and Valentin were coordinating efforts, and she pressured Brad Cooper to change the results.

Given that Sasha was quite ill when this all went down, Curtis looks at this new test result as something incredibly suspicious. Obrecht had been racing to do something about these existing DNA samples before a test could be rerun, but now it looks like her efforts are coming too late.

Not only does Valentin need to worry about both Nina and Curtis, but Nikolas Cassadine is determined to destroy him. Valentin has been wary of Jasper Jacks ever since he returned to Port Charles, but now viewers know that Valentin should be far more concerned than even he realized because of Jax’s connection to Nik.

Valentin still believes that Nik is dead, but Nikolas is back and eager for revenge. He’s been working with Jax and Hayden Barnes for some time now, and General Hospital spoilers hint that this trio will soon blindside Valentin with news that he is not at all prepared to handle.

In addition to all of these folks digging into Valentin’s misdeeds, there is Cassandra Pierce who still needs to be contained. She is locked up at Pentonville for now, but she has seemingly also been working with Nikolas. Valentin probably is underestimating her ability to wreak havoc in his life.

Who will take Valentin down, and how soon will it happen? SheKnows Soaps suggests that there is a lot of drama coming up with Tuesday’s show regarding Nikolas and his quest for revenge.

In addition, Soap Central shares that soon Nina will visit Nathan’s gravesite and speak freely about what she’s been doing. It seems likely that this is a move that should give fans real insight into her suspicions regarding Valentin.

Next week, a phone call will alarm Valentin, and fans will be anxious to see who is behind this upcoming round of worry. Whatever happens with that call probably isn’t enough to destroy this Valentin villain yet, but General Hospital spoilers tease that he’s going to be doing a lot of scrambling in the days ahead.