Britney Spears Embraces Her 'Best Friend' In Fast-Paced Instagram Workout Video

Britney Spears decided to take her workout outdoors on Monday, and her latest Instagram post signals that she's feeling great. The songstress looked ready to work up a sweat as she kicked off a new week while enjoying the best that Mother Nature had to offer.

The new Instagram video showed Britney wearing a black sports bra and short polka dot shorts. Spears had her blond hair pulled back into a loose ponytail, and she wore simple white socks and sneakers. The pop star stood outdoors on a rock terrace, a beautiful landscape off in the distance.

Spears told her 23 million followers that while tackling her standard yoga and weight workout routine, she was also taking advantage of the sunshine that her "best friend" Mother Nature had provided for the day. The sped-up video provided a glimpse at Britney's moves as she stretched and strengthened her fit physique.

During the course of the video, Britney ran through a series of moves with light hand weights, also practicing a series of yoga moves on a mat she had spread out in the sunshine. Spears flaunted her flat tummy and perky booty at various points, along with her lean legs and muscular arms.

Britney's fans typically go crazy over all of her Instagram posts, and this one was no exception. Britney's video pulled in more than 200,000 views in less than an hour, and it also quickly garnered nearly 50,000 likes.

Almost 1,600 comments were added in that first hour, and Britney received lots of love and encouragement from her fans.

"Kween of fitness!!!!!" remarked one of Britney's followers.

"You look amazing Queen!!!" wrote another enthusiastic fan.

"You're looking beautiful and healthy, luv u," wrote a third commenter, delivering compliments.

Britney has been quite dedicated to her workouts in recent weeks. She regularly shares glimpses of her daily workouts with her fans, and her Instagram posts regularly showcase that she likes to combine different types of exercise into longer routines.

In another recent social media video, Britney wore a blue bikini and completed an impressive swimming challenge. Her fitness strategies are clearly paying off, as Britney is in fabulous shape these days.

Britney has navigated plenty of challenges in the past year, but these days she looks strong both mentally and physically. This new Instagram post suggests that she's starting the week off on a great note, and her followers seem to have taken notice.