November 5, 2019
Shawn Johnson's Baby Has Arrived, Olympic Champion And Husband Andrew East Share Sweet One's First Photos

Shawn Johnson's baby has arrived, and fans of the Olympic champion are gushing over the first photo of the little one. On Monday, Shawn shared a pic to her Instagram page showing her alongside her new baby and her husband, Andrew East. People have been keeping a close eye on her social media pages in anticipation of this update, and they went wild over the new post.

Many fans of "The East Family" had become suspicious over the past few days, thinking that Shawn and Andrew's baby may have arrived. Johnson and East post to their social media pages frequently, but these accounts went entirely silent over the past few days. Once a pink onesie was added to the pair's merchandise website page, people started getting excited, believing that they surely must have welcomed a baby girl.

Shawn and Andrew have now posted to their respective individual Instagram pages, as well as to the pages they had set up for their baby and the family as a whole. As fans had speculated, the East family welcomed a baby girl, and it looks like Shawn and Andrew are already blissfully in love with her.

Fans can ooh and ahh over baby girl East, but it looks like they may have to wait a while longer to get more details about her arrival.

At this point, it doesn't appear that Shawn and Andrew have shared their baby girl's name. None of the new Instagram posts reveal the scoop regarding when she was born, how much she weighed, or how long she was at birth, either.

It is clear from the initial reactions to these Instagram posts that fans don't care all that much about what they don't know yet. Shawn's initial photo showing her with her husband and baby received more than 380,000 likes in less than an hour after it had been shared, while Andrew's video post was viewed more than 180,000 times in that same short timespan.

Both fans and fellow celebrities flooded the family's Instagram posts with loving comments. Singer Jana Kramer noted that she couldn't wait to meet the baby, and Jessie James Decker replied with a string of happy emoji. In addition, numerous friends of Shawn's from her Dancing with the Stars days shared their support as well.

"FINALLY!!!!!!!! So happy for you," noted Shawn's DWTS partner Derek Hough.

"Yay!!! Congrats!!!" wrote fellow Dancing with the Stars contestant Amy Purdy.

Nastia Liukin -- a close friend of Shawn's, a fellow Olympic gymnastics champion, and another DWTS alum -- wrote that she cannot wait to meet her little goddaughter, telling the pair that she loved them.

It looks as if baby girl East is healthy and strong, and it would appear that Shawn Johnson came through the delivery well. Fans of Andrew East and his gals will be anxious to learn more about this little one's arrival, but confirmation that the family's baby girl is here is enough to tide admirers over for now.