Sommer Ray Exudes Jungle Vibes In Her ‘Tarzan’-Inspired Outfit

Rich PolkGetty Images

Sommer Ray finally gave her fans a look at her Halloween costume a couple of days ago in a series of Instagram photos and videos. She indicated in the caption that she was dressed up as Jane from Tarzan, and she exuded jungle vibes with a dark brown ensemble. The outfit was comprised of two pieces: a cropped top and barely-there skirt. The first five photos showed the model posing outdoors in front of green shrubbery. But it wasn’t until the fifth photo that fans got a look at her ensemble from the back.

The entire outfit consisted of different fabrics and textures. Her top was dark brown with dark leopard print, and it tied together in front. The dark brown portion also featured thick, tan threading. The top had a halter-style tie. In addition, her skirt featured the same mix of fabrics. The hem of the skirt in front featured a triangular, zigzag cut. Meanwhile, the back of the skirt barely covered her derriere, and her thong was hardly visible, so it almost looked like she wasn’t wearing anything under the skirt.

Sommer wore her hair down for the occasion, and accessorized with pieces of light leopard-print fabric wrapped around her wrists to emulate bracelets. She added a pop of color with bright pink eyeshadow.

The video offered a completely different perspective on the outfit, as Sommer was seen dancing alongside a friend. She sang along to the song that was playing, and seemed to be having a great time. She held a red drink cup in her hands and was seen turning to the side to show off her skirt. Plus, a final video gave fans another look at Sommer, as she walked around and gave flirty looks. At one point, she jiggled her hips as she walked away from the camera.

The Instagram series has been liked over a million times by Sommer’s fans, with plenty of people leaving compliments in the comments section.

“Trynna be your Tarzan one day,” said a hopeful admirer.

“Imagine being the dude who takes all these pics,” noted a follower.

“That’s just crayyyy she just blows everything away on the gram,” raved a fan.

And while Sommer showed off her flirty and sultry side in her newest Halloween post, she recently rocked a yellow sports bra and showed off her bright personality. In the post from a week ago, the model was seen smiling widely, as she posed in the sports bra and a long skirt with sunflowers on them.