Kaley Cuoco Looks Stunning In Floral Suit As She Hits The Red Carpet For Pit Bull Charity Event

Kaley Cuoco was looking sleek and stylish as she hit the red carpet for a Stand Up For Pits Foundation event this weekend, looking great while she helped a great cause.

Pictures from the event showed The Big Bang Theory actress wearing a floral-patterned double-breasted jacket and loose-fitting pants as she posed on the red carpet with husband Karl Cook and a pair of their adorable pit bulls. Pictures from the red carpet were shared by The Daily Mail, which noted that the event benefited the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, a non-profit that aims to help pit bulls find homes and escape dog fighting.

Kaley served as host for the 9th annual charity event at the Mayan Theater in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday. She has a close relationship with the founder, comedian Rebecca Corry.

The coverage helped draw some attention to both the charity and the actress herself, who received glowing reviews for her attire at the event. The Daily Mail had some praise for her jackets and pants combo, especially the matching strapped sandals.

Kaley took to Instagram on Monday to share more shots from the charity event, showing off her outfit and smiling on the red carpet as she posed with her husband and their furry friends. The post seemed to help the cause, with many taking to the comments to share supportive messages for pit bulls and try to fight against negative stereotypes that the breed often faces. Others thanked Kaley for being such a vocal supporter, using her star power to speak up on behalf of animals.

Animal-related causes have always been near to Kaley's heart, and pets have always been very welcome in her house. Together, she and Karl have a small stable of animals in their home that includes a rabbit, several dogs, and a number of horses. For Karl, part of this is work-related as he is a professional equestrian, but Kaley has a love of horses and owns several herself.

In fact, Kaley told People earlier this year that she and Karl first connected through their mutual love of horses. Kaley said that the two first met at a horse show and knew immediately that they had a strong connection.

"It was totally meant to be. We were pretty much a good match from the beginning," Kaley shared with the magazine.

"We share so much love for animals — we love horses and we love the sport," she added.