Cosplay Model Liz Katz Feeling More Like Herself And Ready To Forge Forward After Tough Week

Liz KatzInstagram

Cosplay queen Liz Katz seemingly had a difficult time last week, but her latest Instagram post says that she’s doing better and is ready to tackle new adventures. The post came on Sunday evening and is clearly resonating with her social media followers.

Katz didn’t share specifics in the caption of the post in terms of what had her so upset last week. Earlier Instagram posts referenced trouble with the social media site Twitch, but it seems there was more to her frustrations than just this.

On Twitter, Liz addressed her struggles in much more detail via a series of posts she shared last Friday. Katz told her followers that she was struggling with change and feeling both numb and broken. The cosplay starlet went on to explain she had been trying to smile and be positive, but she was seemingly in tears frequently in recent days.

“I’ve been having a hard time eating, sleeping, and focusing on much of anything… sadness and fear are embarrassing things I hide,” Katz explained.

This series of tweets prompted an uprising of support from Liz’s followers, and her latest Instagram post noted that she greatly appreciated all of this love. Not only did she sound like she was in better spirits as she shared this new Instagram post, but she also looked radiant and content in comparison to last week’s Twitter shots as well.

Sunday evening’s snap showed Liz wearing her blond hair styled casually, and her blue eyes popped from the photo as she wore a dark mascara and light-colored eye shadow. Katz also wore a light pink shimmery color on her lips, and she had just a slight smile on her face.

Katz wore a black hoodie that was unzipped along the front and underneath was a low-cut, red T-shirt. Liz showed off plenty of deep cleavage with this shirt, a component of the photo that did not go unnoticed by her followers.

Katz’s Twitter thread noted that she had been struggling with a downward spiral for a few weeks, but she explained that she was working hard to climb back out of it. Liz added that she was bringing on some additional people to her team to help her keep up, and she admitted that she also kept telling herself that these struggles would soon pass.

Luckily, Liz seemed to be feeling much better on Sunday, and she shared with her 945,000 Instagram followers that she was feeling much more herself. By Monday morning, nearly 55,000 people had liked Katz’s new post and more than 600 added comments voicing their continued support.

Even when Liz Katz was struggling behind the scenes, she was uploading new content and teasing fans with sultry Halloween costumes. It appears that her earlier Twitch account issues have been resolved, and the cosplay bombshell’s fans are glad she seems ready to start fresh this week and embrace new adventures.