November 4, 2019
Couple Allegedly Booted From Cruise For Loud Sex Were Stranded In Barbados In The Middle Of The Night

A couple from Germany say they were kicked off of a cruise ship on the first night of what was to be a two-week trip -- left stranded in the Caribbean in the middle of the night -- all due to loud sex, reports.

Back in April, the couple -- identified only as Renate F. and her husband Volker -- boarded the TUI Cruises vessel Mein Schiff 5 for a two-week tour around the Caribbean. On their first night, following their cruise-related activities, they retired to their cabin for some more private activities.

Following their endeavors, Renate went out to her cabin's balcony to smoke a cigarette, while Volker went to take a shower. Then there was a knock at the door.

Renate says that she was greeted by a manager and a security officer, who then directed the couple to a room somewhere on the vessel. There, they met with a man whose name and title Renate doesn't remember. Renate says that the couple were told that they were being removed from the vessel at the discretion of the ship's captain. She says they weren't told why.

Renate is convinced that it wasn't her post-coital smoke that got them evicted from the vessel, though she says it's "understood" that smoking is allowed on cruise ship balconies. She believes they were removed from the vessel due to having had loud sex.

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Renate says that, following their intense intercourse, the couple also argued loudly. However, she claims that, though boisterous, the sex was consensual. She also notes that there was no damage to their stateroom.

The couple were reportedly left in Barbados in the wee hours of the morning, effectively completely stranded. They were left to find a room for the night, and to get back to Germany. Renate says that they were stranded on the island for two days before her mother managed to get her onto a flight back to Paris. The couple stayed overnight in Paris before boarding a train for Frankfurt.

The couple is suing for $15,000, the cost of the cruise they missed out on.

In a statement, the company said that its guests' safety is its top priority, and that their vessels' personnel have the power to remove unruly passengers at their discretion. Further, the company declined to provide specifics about this particular case, citing privacy concerns.

"There has already been a correspondence with Mrs F. in which we have set out our view of things. Please understand that we do not want to comment on the privacy of our guests in detail," the company said.