Javi Marroquin Shares New Photo With Lauren Comeau, Thanks Her For Not ‘Giving Up’ On Him

Bennett RaglinGetty Images

Although Javi Marroquin hasn’t spoken out publicly about the fight that he and Lauren Comeau had at the end of summer, it appears that the couple are back together and working on things as evidenced by a new Instagram post shared over the weekend.

Taking to the social networking site, Javi shared two pictures side by side. One photo showed Javi and Lauren together during the fall with Javi’s son Lincoln sitting on a hay bale. In the photo, Lauren is pregnant with her and Javi’s son, Eli. In the second photo, everyone is posing the same, but now Eli is in the photo, sitting on top of the hay bale with his older brother. Everyone is smiling in both photos.

“Thanking you & God for not giving up on me,” Javi wrote alongside the photo.

The photo was posted on Sunday and had over 47,000 likes by Monday. There weren’t many comments on the post, but the comments that did appear were overwhelmingly positive. One follower commented on the “beautiful family,” while another commented with just red heart emoji.

Although Javi has been sharing updated photos of the family together, Lauren hasn’t shared any new photos of her with Javi to her social media. On Sunday, she shared a post of her with her son Eli to Instagram. Both were decked out in their New England Patriots attire, ready to watch some Sunday football. The photo had over 18,000 likes and many of the comments focused on how sweet the two looked together in their matching attire.

This is the second photo of the family Javi has shared since the fight that reportedly led to Lauren leaving Delaware with the couple’s son. The first photo was shared on Saturday and showed the family in matching Halloween costumes. Everyone wore skeleton costumes for the holiday, and they all looked happy posing together with leaves on the ground around them, adding the perfect touch of fall to the photo.

Back in August, Lauren reportedly caught Javi with another woman at their home in Delaware. It is unclear if anything occurred between the two. However, following the alleged incident, Lauren reportedly left. According to Us Weekly, the couple have been seemingly living together still as they have both posted pictures and videos in what looks to be the same kitchen.

Neither Javi Marroquin nor Lauren Comeau have spoken out since appearing to get back together, but it is great to see them working things out.