WWE Rumors: AJ Styles Shares Detailed Account Of Flight Delays Following ‘Crown Jewel’ PPV


Amid the various rumors swirling regarding the flight delays that prevented several WWE superstars from returning home immediately after Thursday’s Crown Jewel pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia, a recent report documented Monday Night Raw wrestler AJ Styles’ livestream on Mixer. In it, he gave a real-time breakdown of what supposedly kept his colleagues stranded in the kingdom for an extended period of time.

As recapped by WrestlingNews.co, there were some things about the delayed flight that didn’t add up for Styles, such as his account about a fuel truck purportedly getting in the way of the plane and how the driver of the vehicle had “left to go home.” He stressed, however, that the mechanical issues WWE blamed for the delays were real, noting that prior to that, there were paperwork issues that prevented the wrestlers from boarding for four to five hours.

Although the pilots purportedly had to clock out due to the delays, thus forcing the wrestlers to head to the hotel, Styles downplayed some of the rumors that circulated at that time, saying that the reports were “almost blown up to as if we were on the verge of being killed.” The current, three-time United States Champion also informed his viewers on Mixer that even if he was upset at not being able to fly home to catch his son’s wrestling match, it wasn’t “[his] job to say anything” about any possible issues WWE had with Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

AJ Styles traps Humberto Carrillo in the Calf Crusher during their US Championship match at Crown Jewel 2019 in Saudi Arabia.
Featured image credit: WWE

“We’ll find out as we go along why things happened or we won’t,” Styles was quoted as saying. “I don’t know what’s gonna happen going forward. It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be.”

As Styles continued his livestream, he reportedly emphasized that he doesn’t want to say anything negative about WWE despite the stressful situation he and his fellow superstars were going through. He added, however, that he will “go to the source” if he finds out any information that might offend him in any way.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, several WWE superstars took to social media over the weekend, expressing their disappointment over what happened in Saudi Arabia. While Styles apparently isn’t the only wrestler who claims his colleagues were indeed stuck in the country due to mechanical issues with the plane, per WrestlingNews.co, it seems that many superstars are skeptical about this, with recent rumors suggesting that the delays were actually driven by financial disagreements over WWE’s last Saudi show, Super Show-Down.