Aussie Instagram Model Vicky Aisha Puts Her Peachy Posterior On Full Display In New Bikini Snap

Vicky AishaInstagram

Australian Instagram model Vicky Aisha recently took to her page and treated her 1.8 million followers to a hot booty snap, one which became an instant hit.

In the highly NSFW snap, the model could be seen rocking a black, thong-style bikini. And as she turned her back toward the camera to strike a pose, she fully exposed her peachy posterior to titillate her fans.

The skimpy bikini allowed the model to show off her well-toned legs and a glimpse of sideboob as she stood on a sandy beach and faced the ocean while soaking up the sun.

The revealing ensemble also enabled Vicky to show off her amazing tattoos, a trait which many of her fans love, as indicated in the comments section.

The model wore her blond tresses down, but as she did not turn around to face the camera, it could not be ascertained whether she wore any makeup or not.

In the caption, Vicky informed her fans that she is ready for summer to begin in Australia. She also asked her fans if anyone’s ready for a beach day.

Even though followers could not see the model’s face, they rushed to award the picture with more than 38,000 likes and over 365 comments in which her ardent admirers could be seen drooling over the sheer display of skin.

Others praised the beautiful backdrop of the beach, however, the model did not specify in her post as to where the picture was captured.

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So ready for Aussie summer ☀️ Beach day, anyone?

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Apart from her regular followers, many of Vicky’s fellow models and influencers also liked and commented on the picture to show appreciation and support, something which has become quite the norm for Instagram models, as the practice allows the picture to gain more traction as well as followers.

Some of the names include Aylen Alvarez, Violet Summers, Bianca Taylor, Ana Lorde, fellow Aussie model Madison Gordon, and Eleonora Bertoli, among others.

“You have the longest legs in the world,” one of her fans opined.

“I love you baby,” another chimed in.

“Damn! You’re so, so wonderful [and] stunning,” a third commentator wrote.

Meanwhile, a fourth fan, who seems to be a big admirer of Vicky, called the model the perfect woman.

“Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gawddddddddddddd. I’d die if I was on the beach right now! The perfect beach and the perfect woman!” they wrote.

The remaining fans used words and phrases like “extremely gorgeous,” “what a hottie,” and “Lord have mercy,” to express their admiration for the model.