‘Twilight’ Star Nikki Reed Puts On A Leggy Display While Taking An Herbal Bath On Instagram

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Twilight star Nikki Reed took to Instagram roughly 24 hours ago to share a snap featuring herself putting on a very leggy display.

While most of the photo was blurred, the actress appeared to be soaking in an herbal bath. It was clear that Reed was soaking in the tub while outside by the massive amount of greenery off into the distance.

While the water didn’t have any soap bubbles in it, it did have a milky appearance that suggested she had opted to pour some sort of herbal solution in it. Nikki had one of her bare toned legs crossed over top of the other one as she enjoyed her outdoor bath.

While it was unclear exactly what they were, the actress had some white petals up and down her legs. A few of the petals could also be seen floating on the surface of her bathwater.

According to the caption of her leggy snap, the Twilight star was enjoying one of her “favorite skin care recipes.”

In addition to showcasing her fabulous legs, the snapshot was also a promotion of an herbalist named Kari Jansen. While Jansen doesn’t have nearly as many followers as Reed, she did also share the same snapshot of Reed a few days ago on her own Instagram account.

Despite being a relatively simple photo, her followers still showered it with over 50,000 likes and just shy of 100 comments.

Many of her followers were quick to admit how jealous they were of Nikki as they shared a desire to own their own outdoor bathtub.

One of her followers posted a very detailed comment as they were desperate to know more about Nikki’s beauty and skincare techniques.

“I was just wondering what caused you to really pursue this kind of a lifestyle? You have done such a great job of it and I love seeing your posts about your lifestyle and the products you use!!! I am dipping my toes in the sand as well as trying to be better when it comes to the environment, me and boyfriend are now starting to recycle, I am trying to use more natural products as well as oils (not essential oils yet though) and such. Any tips and/or advice?!” Her follower penned.

Unfortunately, if Reed did respond to the lengthy comment, she didn’t do it publicly.

The comment section also contained several individuals gushing about how Nikki was their favorite character from Twilight. Others kept their comments simple and noted how “beautiful” the picture was.

As her Instagram followers know, Nikki has been sharing posts with similar vibes for a while now. It was just six days ago that Reed shared a snap of what some of her followers revealed in the comments was a “crystal bowls session.”