Rapper Mystikal out of jail after 6 years

When you shake your ass, now, watch yourself- rapper Mystikal is out of jail after serving six years.

New Orleans based Mystikal, born Michael Lawrence Tyler, was jailed in 2004 after being convicted on charges of sexual battery. The rapper was accused of forcing his hairstylist into sexual acts after he believed she stole $80,000 from him. Two of his bodyguards filmed the incident, later forcing Mystikal to confess to the acts depicted on the tape.

After his release yesterday, Mystikal spoke to a New Orleans radio station:

“It was tough. I took it in stride,” he said of his situation. “I’m back. It almost feels like a dream. For a while, it felt like, I was gone so long,” he said.

Mystikal also let listeners know that he’d been writing in jail. He spoke directly to his fans, “I’m back and I love y’all and I missed y’all, and I want to send out appreciation for all the fans.”

The 39-year-old rapper also indicated plans to return to the rap game as well as do “positive things” for the community.