‘Bachelorette’ Star Ciarran Stott Flaunts Fresh Ink In Speedo During Bondi Beach Outing


The Bachelorette star Ciarran Stott had previously revealed his tattooed, muscular physique to all Bachelor Nation fans while stripping down to his birthday suit during a group date on the show, so it was easy to notice that the TV personality was rocking some fresh ink over the weekend.

According to The Daily Mail, Ciarran was spotted rocking nothing more than a speedo as he proudly showed off his chiseled frame covered in fresh, colorful tats.

The 25-year-old TV personality sported nothing more than a maroon and yellow speedo that featured a honeycomb style pattern.

One sizzling snap published by the outlet featured the British hunk walking on the beach shortly after emerging from the water behind him. He was pulling his wet hair back into a ponytail has he walked across the sand.

He had clearly just gone for a dip as his wet feet were coated in the sand from the beach that stuck to him as he continued to walk. Notably, droplets of water could be seen glistening across his lower stomach just above his speedo. Because the photo was snapped while he tended to his hair, it also gave viewers a clear look at the stunning detailed and colorful tattoos across his chest and torso.

The Daily Mail added that the Bacherlorette star was not alone during his Bondi beach outing. In fact, he was spending time with a mysterious blonde that looked equally fabulous in a neon pink string bikini. One snap shared by the outlet featured the duo walking beside each other, covered in water droplets, as they looked to have just gone for a swim together. The woman had a huge smile on her face while Ciarran continued to fight with his long, wet tresses.

It was the snaps of the TV personality from the backside that really revealed Ciarran was sporting some new tats. Notably, his entire backside, as well as his legs were almost completely covered in ink. This was very different from the last time Bachelor Nation got a look at his exposed toned physique during the filming of the show.

While Stott described his exit from The Bachelorette as “gut wrenching,” he may have jumped back into the dating game.

A few closer snapshots of the mysterious blonde revealed a necklace around her neck with the name “Hanna” on it.

According to The Daily Mail, Ciarran has been spotted hanging out with the tanned beauty on a few different occasions. He has yet to confirm if the duo are involved in anything romantic.